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Microsoft takes on macOS Catalina with Windows 1.0


Microsoft Windows
Windows 1.0 is the operating system you haven’t been waiting for.
Photo: Microsoft

With great fanfare, Microsoft took to Twitter the announce Windows 1.0. Wait… what?

If this leaves you confused, you’re hardly alone. What this company’s plans are for an operating system that launched in 1985 is a complete mystery.

Steve Ballmer Admits Microsoft’s Successes Are In The Past



Part of Steve Jobs’ genius was his ability to find just the right words to explain why whatever Apple product he was unveiling was so “insanely great” you had to rush out and buy it at that very moment.

Outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer never had that gift, but his final interview before stepping down contains a few really telling quotes about why things turned out the way they did — with Apple being the innovative market leader, and Microsoft being… well, Microsoft.