Apple University professor could buy a lot of iPhones on $1.7 million salary


Yep, Apple's pretty darn valuable.
Turns out there's money to be made at Apple.
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Like everything else Apple does, its top-notch Apple University internal business training center doesn’t exactly scrimp when it comes to paying its employees.

According to a new report, Apple University faculty member James Phills — formerly a professor at Stanford University and Yale School of Management — makes upwards of $1.7 million per year teaching business skills to Apple employees.

Nice work if you can get it, right?

A rare peek inside Apple University, or how to think like Steve Jobs



How will the culture Steve Jobs cultivated at Apple continue to live on after his death? That was the main question being asked when Jobs lost the battle to cancer in 2011.

Part of the answer is a program Jobs put together around the time of the original iPhone launch. Apple University, which works almost exactly like you would imagine, teaches employees about the company’s history and ethos. Real class names include “Communicating at Apple,” “What Makes Apple, Apple,” and “The Best Things.”

In the most in-depth look at the educational program to date, The New York Times sheds light on the kinds of classes Ivy League professors teach about everything from designing like Picasso to choosing which buttons go on a TV remote.

Steve Jobs Legacy Will Live On In The Apple University


Apple has settled claims with state regulators who allege the company mishandled electronic waste.
Apple has settled claims with state regulators who allege the company mishandled electronic waste.
Photo: Thomas Dohmke

While the Apple camp in Cupertino is now without its most famous founder, Steve Jobs has ensured that the company will do just fine while he’s not around. For years, Steve himself had been planning one of Apple’s most secretive projects. But it wasn’t a new iPhone or a new iPad, it was Apple University — an executive training program that teaches Apple bosses to be more like Steve.