Teachers Protest After School District Scraps Macs Over Cost, Performance




The Toronto District School Board decided to phase out Apple computers — about 8% of the 63,000 machines used by some 250,000 kids — in mid-November.

It seems board members bought in to the idea that Macs are more expensive than PCs:

“The Apple computer in a large-scale network―their capabilities for automatically managing that many machines really pales to what’s available in the PC world,” Lee Stem, general manager of Information and Technology Services for the Board, told Torontoist.

“At the end of the day, it really comes down to getting as many devices in the hands of as many people as possible,” added Stem. “Every penny that we save…all that money is going to bring more technology into the hands of kids.”

Teachers in the district are using those last Apple computers to plead with the bureaucrats to keep Macs in the mix.  (No more Apple computers will be bought for general use, though they may still be purchased for “special use” classes, like art, video editing or music composition.)

Police: Gang Linked to Mac School Thefts


Mac-less students Lucy Ramsdale and Paige Eversden. @Southern Times Messenger
Back to Books: Mac-less students Lucy Ramsdale and Paige Eversden. @Southern Times Messenger

Australian police are after an organized gang they believe is behind 80 Mac thefts from schools.

Nearly 80 Apple computers (laptops and desktops) have been ripped off  from 15 schools in the state of South Australia this year,  along with a number of screen projectors for a total loot count police place at about $90,000 ($100,000 AUD).

Thieves wore gloves to eliminate fingerprints and knew exactly how much time they had to get in and out — in one case only swiping half of the MacBooks available. The thefts took place at suburban schools, in one case a Christian K-12.

“At times there are individual computers taken but they’re more opportunistic thefts,” Chief-Inspector Dennis Lock told local papers. “The short time it took for the thieves to steal the computers before security arrived indicates this was a more planned, organized and coordinated attack.”