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Stephen Colbert’s mashup of Severance and The Office is hilarious


"Stephen C." annoys Irving B. at Lumon Industries in "Severance" parody.
Photo: Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert created a parody Thursday night of the psychological thriller Severance on Apple TV+. The segment’s a must-see for fans of the show, or for fans of nouveu-comedy classic The Office, which figures into the mashup heavily.

I just called Severance a psychological thriller. In his lead-in to the video, which you can watch below, Colbert was probably more accurate.

Severance is easily one of the top dystopian workplace sci-fi mystery black comedy psychological thrillers I’ve ever seen,” he deadpanned, getting a laugh.

Google mercilessly mocks those pretentious Apple videos Jony Ive used to make


Google hilariously mocks Jony Ive’s Apple product videos
“Engineered for optimal haptic feedback to deliver the satisfying feeling of… click.”
Screenshot: Google

A new video for the Google Pixel 5a pokes fun at the ones Jony Ive used to make gushing about the smallest details in designs of Apple products.

While an homage, the video also exhibits a cutting edge. It highlights the new Android smartphone’s headphone jack, a feature Ive removed from iPhones. Still, Apple fans shouldn’t miss this well-made parody:

McDonald’s rips Jony Ive in tasty new ad for ‘the STRAW’


Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 15.40.32
This looks weirdly familiar...
Photo: McDonald's

Apple can barely manage a few days without someone else parodying or ripping off one of its iconic ads. The latest? McDonald’s, which just debuted a commercial for a product called “the STRAW” to market its forthcoming St. Patrick’s Day-themed Chocolate Shamrock Shake.

From the white backdrop to the earnest-sounding “person with a British accent,” there’s no doubt who the fast food chain is having some fun at the expense of.

Borat creator uses hilarious Apple parody to promote new movie


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.08.32
Look familiar?
Photo: The Brothers Grimsby

Parodies of Jony Ive and Apple’s rarefied advertising are nothing new, but you rarely get to watch a spoof featuring a comedian as talented as Sacha Baron Cohen.

To promote his new movie The Brothers Grimsby, the creator of Ali G, Bruno and Borat recorded a spot-on Apple parody, which shows that — despite the many who have aped it in the past — there’s still mileage in poking some good-natured fun at Apple’s way of selling us on its latest revolutionary products.

Check it out below.

Jony Ive soundboard ‘personally offended’ Apple’s design guru


Ever want to control Jony Ive? Now you can.
This joke didn't go over well at Cupertino.
Photo: Jony Jive

With his soothing British accent, love of flowery design terms, and immediately recognizable pronunciation of “aluminium,” few people in tech are as widely parodied as Jony Ive.

Impressions of Ive have become a tech industry trope in their own right, but last week an Ive-centric joke debuted online, which Apple’s design guru apparently found so offensive that he had Apple’s legal team contact the creators to take it down.

Parody ad shows us what ‘Shot on iPhone’ videos really look like


Check out "Shot on iPhone" ads like you've never seen them before. 
Photo: Elite Daily

Apple’s crowdsourced “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign has been described as a “game changer” by Cannes Outdoor Lions jury president Juan Carlos Ortiz, but — let’s face it — most of the videos we shoot daily on our iPhones aren’t the kind of artistic masterpieces Apple chooses to highlight.

With that in mind, Elite Daily has put together a hilarious compilation of “honest” iPhone 6 ads, which are a bit closer to reality for most folks. Check them out below:

What it would be like if Siri was actually your mom


Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, which means that annual 30-minute phone call with mom is just around the corner. For me, it’s borderline unbearable to talk on the phone that long, but the folks over at Daily Dot have imagined how much worse it’d be if your mom was Siri — and misunderstood you just as badly as the digital assistant does on iOS.

Parody iPhone ad is just about the freakiest thing you’ve ever seen


What do you get when you cross an Apple ad with J-horror? Photo: Noka Films
What do you get when you cross an Apple ad with J-horror? Photo: Noka Films

From the dystopian “1984” Macintosh commercial to its disastrous “Lemmings” follow-up, Apple ads haven’t always been full of jokes, tinkly music and Jony Ive saying “aluminium” in a soothing voice.

Nothing Apple has ever created, however, has been quite as weirdly disturbing as this iPhone ad parody from the folks at Noka Films.

The Fourth is strong with these Apple Star Wars mashups


Apple and Star Wars: A match made in a galaxy far, far away?
Apple and Star Wars: A match made in a galaxy far, far away?

Apple and Star Wars are forces to be reckoned with. These two cultural powerhouses deliver endless entertainment and inspire extreme fandom.

Mash the two of them together and you’ve got the technocultural equivalent of an atom smasher. Or a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Or something.

Parody videos take a swipe at Apple Watch


A starry-eyed Jony Ive raves about the Apple Watch in a new parody video. Photo: Gizmodo
A starry-eyed Jony Ive raves about the Apple Watch in a new parody video. Photo: Gizmodo

One magical piece of wearable technology, two radically different parody videos.

The first takes a jab at the seemingly never-ending supply of superlatives Jony Ive uses to describe the Apple Watch. The other reminds us just how precious watches are to people determined to pass them along as keepsakes at all costs. See them both below.

CollegeHumor explains the $10,000 Apple Watch’s ‘killer app’


The Apple Watch Edition's most useful app might be quickly showing people how much cash you have. Photo: Apple

As soon as Tim Cook announced that the Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000, you could practically hear the scratch of jokes being written. This one, by YouTube’s CollegeHumor channel, is among the best so far. It describes the “groundbreaking” feature of letting wearers reveal with a single flash of the wrist that they have crazy amounts of money to spend.

Faux-Apple ads are well worn by now, to the point where they practically qualify as a comedy subgenre on their own. A few things made me chuckle about this one, however — from Jony Ive’s pronunciation of “aluminium,” to the foolproof method employed by the actor playing Tim Cook to check that he’s still rich.

Check out the video below.