Google rival to Apple News+ will be free


News app top stories
Apple News+ could be about to get fresh competition from a premium version of Google News.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Google will pay publishers so it can create “a new news experience launching later this year,” the company said Thursday. While the announcement is vague, Google seems to be putting together a rival for Apple News+, a subscription news-aggregation service for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

iOS 13.5.5 beta hints at possible Apple services bundle


Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+
Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and Apple News+ could all be part of 'Apple Prime.'
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Apple seemingly hasn’t abandoned its possible plans for an “Apple Prime” service that combines all its subscriptions into one single package. In a report published late Wednesday, 9to5Mac discovered references in the iOS 13.5.5 beta code to a “bundle offer” and “bundle subscription” that didn’t previously exist.

The idea could be to offer a services bundle combination of Apple Music, Apple News+, Apple TV+ and, potentially, Apple Arcade, at a lower price than buying each individually. Whether it happens, of course, is another matter entirely.

Apple could pivot to audio to bolster flagging Apple News+ service


Some publishers report that Apple News+ isn't a 'huge boon' for business
Apple News+ could try offering audio versions of top articles.
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Of all the services launched by Apple, its premium Apple News+ has seemingly made the least impact. And now Apple is reportedly pivoting to audio to try and raise user interest in its all-you-can-eat news and magazine subscription service.

That’s according to a report by DigiDay, published Wednesday. The publication claims that Apple has started asking publishers for permission to produce audio versions of its stories. These could be listened to like mini-podcasts or audio briefings.

Google is readying its own Apple News competitor


Apple News
Apple News+ growth has been unimpressive so far.
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Google is allegedly planning to launch its own news aggregation service that will compete directly with Apple News.

The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that Google has been in talks with multiple publishers about paying a licensing fee for content used in its upcoming news product. So far it sounds like the company is mostly talking to publishers outside the US, but the company says it views the initiative as an important tool for an informed democracy.

Head of Apple News+ leaves after lackluster start


Liz Schimel was Apple’s Head of News Business.
Liz Schimel handled the business side of Apple News+, but apparently not any more.
Photo: Condé Nast

Liz Schimel joined Apple’s news division in 2018, and was on board during the launch of News+. But the subscription service hasn’t seen much success, and now Schimel has left the company according to a published report on Tuesday.

Some publishers report that Apple News+ isn’t a ‘huge boon’ for business


Some publishers report that Apple News+ isn't a 'huge boon' for business
News+ offers more visibility, but doesn't bring in masses of cash for publishers.
Photo: Apple

Compared to the likes of Apple Music and Apple TV+, Apple News+ doesn’t exactly seem to be setting the world on fire, publishers say.

A new report claims that, nine months after its launch, publishers are not viewing News+ as the “cure-all” they might have hoped for. While the subscription service is helping them reach wider audiences, some publishers report seeing “little impact” on their bottom line.


You can request them manually if you need to.
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Apple News now sends daily email newsletters nobody asked for


Apple News+ in Australia
Another email you didn't want.
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No, you didn’t ask for it, but you might soon start receiving a daily Apple News newsletter by email.

“Good Morning” features top news, analysis and features pulled from various sources around the web. You could find all this inside Apple News yourself, at your own convenience, but Apple negates the need to do that by forcing it down your throat.

And good luck trying to unsubscribe.

Condé Nast CEO unsure Apple News+ will be a success


Roger Lynch kickin it in Cannes.
Photo: Roger Lynch/Twitter

One of Apple’s biggest publishing partners for Apple News+ is still waiting to be impressed by the fledgling subscription service.

Speaking at Recode’s Code Media conference this week, Condé Nast CEO Roger Lynch said the “jury is out” on the service. His less-than-enthusiastic endorsement of Apple News+ comes a week after a report claimed Apple is struggling to significantly increase the number of paid subscribers for Apple News+.