Steve Jobs Wanted To Build Spaceship Campus 30 Years Ago



Steve Jobs wanted to build his futuristic spaceship campus thirty years ago, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

Jobs wanted a “shimmery glass structure” surrounded by trees in rural San Jose. He had purchased the land and had lined up world-class architect I.M. Pei to design it.

“To me, it’s as if time hasn’t shifted — 30 years, same vision, same scope, same dream,” said real estate consultant Bob Feld, who worked with Jobs at the time.

So what happened?

Steve Jobs’ Mega Mothership Shows Building Planning Is Broken [Opinion]



This is a guest post by Adel Zakout, CEO and co-founder of, a crowd-sourced architecture portal for building geeks.

The video of Steve Jobs presenting Apple’s plans to build a new “mothership” in Cupertino to the local council was absolutely hilarious! Not just because of the absurd questions the councillors asked but their obvious lack of professionalism, understanding of architecture and ridiculous fanboy-ism.

We love Apple too – but think that the planning process is really broken. The fact that Steve can clearly threaten to move his tax dollars elsewhere if the new campus doesn’t get approved shows that.

Steve Job’s Mega Mothership Apple HQ Is Bigger Than Pentagon [Pic]



This is the size of Steve Jobs’ new Apple spaceship campus — compared to the massive Pentagon building. You can imagine the scale of the complex Steve Jobs is planning to build.

The Pentagon building, btw, is the world’s largest office building (by floor size). It houses about 26,000 people. Steve Jobs’ new HQ will house 13,000 — but it’s parkland in the middle. We imagine it’ll have similar security though.

Thanks Se Mo!

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