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Donald Trump thinks he can make Apple build Macs in U.S.


Donald Trump Liberty University
We don't know either, Mr. Trump.
Photo: Washington Post (via YouTube)

If he really wants the job, presidential hopeful Donald Trump should probably figure out what the office can and can’t do.

Trump showcased his continuing delusion of ultimate executive power to do everything ever at a speech at Liberty University today. And in addition to his lofty goals to construct a huge wall completely sealing off the border between the United States and Mexico (“Someday they’ll call it Trump Wall”) and build a military “so big, so strong, [and] so powerful that nobody is going to mess with us,” he also turned his attention to companies like that have outsourced production overseas to save money on labor and taxes.

“We’re gonna get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries,” Trump said, apropos of nothing.