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Here’s your chance to work for Apple as an AI engineer


Siri desperately needs some ChatGPT-like smarts
There's a lot Siri doesn't understand. And that's a problem.
Image: Apple/Cult of Mac

Want to make Siri smart again and help boost Apple’s artificial-intelligence chops across the board? A recent Apple job posting shows it seeks “machine-learning engineers with a background and/or interest in conversational and generative AI.”

“This role will play a critical part in helping Apple change the way humans learn about learning,” the listing noted.

Hard to say if the new engineers will inject more gray matter into Siri, but one source suggests they might work on device-based apps for Apple’s AR/VR headset, expected to show on Monday at WWDC23 Monday.

Apple gives its hiring page a colorful overhaul — and a renewed focus on AI


Apple gives its hiring page a colorful overhaul -- and a renewed focus on AI
Apple's given its jobs site a colorful overhaul.
Photo: Apple

When you hear “Jobs” and “Apple” together you probably think of the dearly departed Steve Jobs. But Apple happens to employ well over 100,000 people worldwide — and now it’s got a fancy new hiring page to help it get even more.

The refreshed jobs homepage boasts colorful Apple logo and acts as an “open invitation to open minds.”

Why Apple’s recent hiring spree makes us optimistic


apple jobs
Software jobs far outnumber hardware jobs at Apple.
Photo: Thinknum

Apple appears to be doubling-down on software over hardware when it comes to hiring new employees right now.

For the first time in years, Apple now has more software job opening than hardware. According to a new report that analyzed Apple’s job listings, Software Engineers became the most in-demand employees at Apple starting in Q3 and the trend is still holding strong.

Apple plans to reduce hiring amid iPhone sales slump


Apple leases new offices near to Apple Park
Apple leases new offices near to Apple Park
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

Slumping iPhone sales have caused Apple to rethink its hiring strategies for certain division.

During an employee meeting earlier this month, Tim Cook was asked if the company is about to go on a hiring freeze. Cook reportedly responded that a total hiring freeze wasn’t a solution, the company would reduce hiring in some areas.

Apple seeks help giving Apple Maps an AR overhaul


Apple Maps
Apple Maps could make the leap off our iPhones and iPads.
Photo: Apple

Recent job listings on Apple’s hiring page suggest the company is considering giving Apple Maps an AR overhaul.

The move would keep pace with Google, which showed off an AR mapping feature for Google Maps at its I/O event earlier this year. It comes at a particularly interesting time for Apple, as the company recently acquired an AR headset maker. It’s yet another hint that augmented reality won’t stay confined to our iOS devices for long!

Apple seeks hotshot editor to make Siri great again


Sorry, Alexa: Siri still the most widespread AI assistant
Apple wants to evolve Siri into a distinct, recognizable character.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Siri is about to get a huge upgrade in the way it answers users questions and searches.

In a new job listing posted today, Apple says it is seeking a writer and editor who can help evolve Siri from one of the most-criticized digital assistants into a “distinct, recognizable character.”

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