Apple replaces flawed iOS 12 beta


iOS 12 features
Developers, you can now grab iOS 12 beta 8. This is the replacement for a version that only lasted a few hours on Monday.
Photo: Apple

Just two days after hastily withdrawing a beta of iOS 12, Apple is back with a new version that hopefully fixes the problems in the original.

No one expects betas to be perfect, but iOS 12 beta 7 had significant performance issues. So significant that it was only available for a couple of hours.

iPad’s hot streak shows no sign of cooling


2018 iPad and Apple Pencil
The 9.7-inch iPad released this fall helped keep Apple on top of the tablet market.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

There was a time the glory days of the iPad seemed over. Sales declined quarter after quarter. Then the iPad Pro line debuted, and now Apple has seen six straight quarters of increasing tablet shipments.

That’s not true for rival device makers. Samsung tablets haven’t experienced a quarterly shipment increase since at least 2016.  

Samsung’s new RAM chip will make future iPhones even faster


A nw type of Samsung RAM is significantly faster than what's in the iPhone today.
A nw type of Samsung RAM is significantly faster than what's in the iPhone today.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung developed a type of RAM that’s 1.5 times faster than what’s included in smartphones today. And, even though Apple and Samsung are arch rivals, it’s very likely to be in iPhone someday.

The new 8Gb LPDDR5 DRAM boasts a data rate of up to 6,400 Mbps. That’s fast enough to send 51.2 GB, or about 14 full-HD video files, in a second.

Your iPhone or iPad probably indicates you’re well off


Just by looking at her with an iPad tells you there's a good chance she's well off.
Photo: Pad & Quill

Researchers investigating differences between groups of Americans have an interesting observation: owning an iOS device is the best indicator that someone is in one of the top income brackets. Even better than using Grey Poupon.

They are trying to discover whether rich and poor, white and minority, men and women have less in common now than they did in the past. Studying the products they buy is part of this process.

Microsoft Andromeda folding iPad competitor possibly killed off


Microsoft Andromeda is a rumored dual-screen folding computer.
This render shows the Microsoft Andromeda, a rumored dual-screen folding Windows computer.
Photo: David Breyer

Don’t expect to see the rumored folding Windows computer any time soon. In fact, Microsoft might have cancelled the device code named Andromeda.

This would have been small enough to be pocketable, but then unfold to become a tablet about the size of an iPad mini.

‘Holy iPad’ plays important role in royal wedding


A royal wedding is a traditional affair, but an iPad still made an appearance.
A royal wedding is a traditional affair, but an iPad still made an appearance at the nuptials for the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex.
Screencap: CBS

It would be going too far to say that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wouldn’t be married today if it weren’t for an iPad. But one of Apple’s tablets did have an important role to play in the royal wedding.

Bishop Michael Curry delivered a sermon halfway through the ceremony. The good prelate read from notes displayed on his trusty iPad during his address. 

iPad keyboard gives up its secrets in new Apple video


iPad keyboard tips
Pressing and holding a letter on the iPad keyboard brings up accented versions.
Graphic: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The iPad keyboard can quickly enter over a hundred characters, if you know all the tricks. A new video from Apple shows how to type numbers without switching keyboards. It also demonstrates how to access letters with accents. Plus, it shows how to use the keyboard as a trackpad. 

Best Buy Lists 3 New iPad SKUs – iPad 2 On Its Way?



Three new iPad SKUs have been added to the Best Buy store database, leading to questions about what the unreleased products may be. All three are described as “Apple iPad SKU WiFi,” and two are listed at $599, with the third at $699.

The products show up as “unreleased products” on the Best Buy database for both the online and internal store databases, according to 9to5 Mac, who suggests these new listings could be the Verizon iPad + MiFi bundle, new Verizon CDMA iPads, or even the iPad 2.