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Adobe Illustrator heads for iPad in 2020


Adobe Illustrator for iPad
Apple’s tablets would take another step toward parity with MacBook if Illustrator for iPad is real.
Photo: Adobe/Cult of Mac

An iPad version of the Adobe Illustrator professional drawing tool is in development, according to an unconfirmed report.

This apparently indicates Adobe is in the midst of converting several of its desktop tools to iPadOS, as Photoshop for iPad is also scheduled to debut sometime next year.

10.2-inch iPad hits Apple Store shelves


The quickest way to get the new 10.2-inch iPad is to go to an Apple retail store today.
Photo: Apple

The latest iPad just made its appearance in Apple retail locations. Those eager to get their hands on the first 10.2-inch budget tablet with iPadOS can hurry to the nearest store to pick one up now.

This is currently a quicker option than ordering the seventh-generation iPad for home shipment.

Apple begins shipping first 10.2-inch iPad to customers


Here’s the 10.2-inch iPad for 2019.
Anyone who pre-ordered the new iPad will receive it soon.
Photo: Apple

Apple today started shipping its latest budget iPad to those who pre-ordered this tablet after it was unveiled earlier this month. It will hit Apple Store shelves later this week; Apple isn’t saying exactly when, however.

This is the first 10.2-inch iPad, and it replaces the last 9.7-inch model in Apple’s lineup.

See the best iPadOS features in only 60 seconds


iPadOS 13 running on a iPad
iPadOS makes it easer to switch between running applications.
Photo: Apple

iPadOS just launched, and Apple wants tablet owners to know why they should upgrade. Its short video hits the highlights, like accessing full contents of USB drives, the advantages of editing video on a larger screen, and much more.

Watch it now:

iPadOS arrives with the killer iPad features we’ve been craving


iPadOS launch date
Beta testing is over. iPadOS 13.1 can be installed on any recent Apple tablet.
Photo: Apple

iPadOS 13.1 is now available, ready to be installed on a wide variety of iPad models. It brings features Apple tablet users have long been asking for: allowing applications to open multiple windows, support for mice, full access to USB drives, and much more.

This new version was announced in June and has been in beta testing all summer so there are no surprises. But the time for testing is over. Almost everyone with an iOS tablet made in the past five years can install iPadOS.

Astronaut uses iPad to DJ an out-of-the-world party


DJ astronaut from ISS
DJ Astro Luca provided the tunes for a party while on the International Space Station.
Photo: BigCityBeats

A DJ providing music from an iPad is no big deal… unless he’s 250 miles above the Earth traveling at 17,000 miles an hour. That’s what astronaut Luca Parmitano did, casting music from the International Space Station.

Watch his set now:

Apple explores dual-screen MacBook with tactile keyboard


Dual-screen MacBook patent
Apple wants to give MacBooks a second display with a tactile keyboard, ditching the built-in one.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple is considering a MacBook with two displays, with the second screen acting as a keyboard. By necessity, iPads already employ on-screen keyboards but these lack tactile feedback. Apple is looking for ways to make these virtual keys move when they’re typed on.

The company has been pursuing this project for years, as demonstrated by a patent it just received.

Apple Watch and iPad with LTE head for Xfinity Mobile


Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch along with several iPad tablets are options for Xfinity Mobile customers.
Photo: Apple

In a better-late-than-never scenario, Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile wireless carrier will soon begin offering two recent iPad models along with last year’s Apple Watch. These are the first non-smartphones available from this company, and all have built-in 4G LTE wireless networking.

Google has made its last iPad rival


Google Pixel Slate tablet
Pixel Slate is the last Google tablet you’ll ever see,
Photo: Google

Google won’t make any more tablets, and dropped plans to introduce two models it was prepping for release.

No reason was given, but heavy competition from Apple’s iPad line had to have been a factor.