New Apple Park video highlights greener spaceship


drone video
Matthew Roberts' latest drone video shows a greener Apple Park.
Photo: Matthew Roberts/YouTube

Drone pilot Matthew Roberts might know the layout of Apple Park better than the builders and architects.

In Roberts’ 22nd drone flight and video of the evolving Apple campus, his 4K camera shows off new sod and near-finished landscaping around the inner circle of the giant spaceship HQ.

Apple’s spaceship campus nears completion in new drone videos


Apple is set to move in next year.
Apple is set to move in next year.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

Construction on Apple’s spaceship campus is finally coming closer to an end. The latest batch of drone videos reveal the construction site now has fewer cranes and a lot more trees.

Apple pushed back the move in date to mid-2017 and it looks like there’s still some serious work to be done. The main spaceship building still isn’t completed and the tunnel to the garage still needs to be covered in dirt.

Take a look at all the new details:

Apple’s spaceship campus is looking almost ready for liftoff


Apple's spaceship campus as it will eventually appear.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s still-unnamed “spaceship” campus won’t be completed until the end of this year, but it’s looking less and less like Tim Cook’s beautiful pile of dirt and more like a finished HQ every single day — as drone operator Matthew Roberts’ latest flyover video makes abundantly clear.

Check out the action below: