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As Tim Cook nears a decade at the helm, Apple focuses on who’ll take over


Tim Cook WWDC
Who will be Apple's next CEO?
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Much of Apple’s senior team, including 59-year-old CEO Tim Cook, are of a similar age. That means they’re probably not going to be in their roles for too many more years.

As Cook approaches a decade at the helm of Apple, a Friday report from Bloomberg claims that he and his team are “increasingly focused” on succession planning. That means cultivating its “next class of top managers” who could take the helm of the world’s most valuable company.

Phil Schiller’s new role as Apple Fellow means big promotion for Joz


Phil Schiller
Schiller has guided Apple's marketing efforts for more than 30 years.
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Apple on Tuesday said that Phil Schiller, the company’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, will move on to become an Apple Fellow.

Schiller continues to report directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook in his new position, which involves leading the App Store and Apple Events. Greg “Joz” Joswiak takes up Schiller’s previous role.

Christie Smith, Apple’s VP of inclusion and diversity, leaves the company


diversity Apple
Diversity is one of Apple's biggest strengths, says Tim Cook.
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Christie Smith, Apple’s vice president of inclusion and diversity, has left the company after two-and-a-half years in the role. Smith worked under Apple’s SVP of Retail and People Deirdre O’Brien.

Smith’s departure was reported by Bloomberg and confirmed by Apple. Her departure had been planned for a couple of months, but Tuesday was her last day.

Buy the California home of a former Apple CEO for just … $37.5 million


Former Apple CEO Mike Markkula's Rana Creek Ranch in Carmel Valley is up for sale. What better purchase to show off your Apple fan credentials?
What better purchase to show off your Apple fan credentials?
Photo: Hall and Hall

Want to own the home of a former Apple CEO? Wouldn’t we all? Unfortunately, you’ll need to pony up $37.5 million to do so.

Belonging to Mike Markkula, the angel investor who played a critical role in Apple’s early days, the ranch is the largest single landholding in Central California’s Carmel Valley. Markkula reportedly purchased it in 1982 for $8 million. He’s been trying to sell it since at least 2013 — and has dropped the price substantially during that time.

A video by the listing agency, Hall and Hall, lets you take a look around.

Head of Apple News+ leaves after lackluster start


Liz Schimel was Apple’s Head of News Business.
Liz Schimel handled the business side of Apple News+, but apparently not any more.
Photo: Condé Nast

Liz Schimel joined Apple’s news division in 2018, and was on board during the launch of News+. But the subscription service hasn’t seen much success, and now Schimel has left the company according to a published report on Tuesday.

Apple TV+ poaches streaming video expert from Netflix


Apple TV+ has a growing amount of content
Apple nabbed a Netflix high-level engineer with years of experience.
Photo: Apple

Ruslan Meshenberg made the jump to Apple TV+ after leaving Netflix, a top rival of Apple’s new streaming service. As the former VP of Productivity Engineering, he brings years of experience to a platform that’s still getting off the ground.

Profile focuses on Apple’s cutthroat buying practices and ‘The Blevinator’


A new profile of Apple purchasing executive Tony Blevins gives an inside perspective on the company's tough negotiating tactics.
A new profile of Apple purchasing executive Tony Blevins gives an inside perspective on the company's tough negotiating tactics.
Photo: North Carolina State University

In a feature piece based largely on background sources, The Wall Street Journal on Thursday profiled Tony Blevins, Apple’s vice president of procurement, giving a unique insight into the dog-eat-dog business of buying components from third-party suppliers for Apple products.

Ex head of iPhone processors founds chip-design company


Apple sues former chief architect of iPhone chips
Apple is suing its former chip engineer, center, for breach of contract.
Photo: Nuvia

You may never have heard of Gerard Williams III, but for years he played a large part in designing every iPhone processor. He left Apple early this year, and is now the CEO of Nuvia, a firm headed by three ex Apple execs that’s designing its own chips.

But they aren’t taking on their old company. Instead, Nuvia will make processors for data centers.

Apple hires another top cardiologist to boost health initiatives


Apple health care
Apple Watch’s heart-monitoring capabilities could see future improvements thanks to prominent cardiologists hired by Apple.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Dr. David Tsay recently joined Apple, apparently to bring new features to devices like the Apple Watch that monitor the wearer’s heart. He’s an expert in the field, and also just left a position as Associate Chief Transformation Officer for NewYork-Presbyterian Innovation Center.

This is the second prominent cardiologist brought onboard in two years.