Still Ticking: “Obsolete” iMac G4 as Clock



Some devices are more versatile than others.

Though the 2002 iLamps were declared “obsolete” by Apple in 2009, the repurposed stainless steel base plate of this iMac G4 makes a nice wall clock.

It’s the handiwork of a Japanese Apple fan, who published a step-by-step DIY project.

It’ll go nicely with your G4 iLamp Lamp, too, and probably won’t take more than half an hour to make.

Not to be trusted with a drill? There’s a ready-made version on Etsy for $30.

Via Blog! NoBon

iMac Light Makes Perfect Bedside Companion



Cult of Mac reader Tiago Piccini from Brazil wrote in with yet another idea — following our posts on cat beds and hackintosh holders —  for recycling the shell of a dear, departed iMac.

He spent under an hour gutting his non-working iMac, then adding a lamp socket and switch device, powering it with a 40w bulb and adding a piece of fabric under the screen to soften the light.


Piccini, who by day works at an Apple Solution Expert, calls his creation the iAbat-jour…It’s an easy DIY project that gives off a nice glow, no?

1-Hour Design Challenge: Apple Accessories from Business Cards


Over at Core 77, this earbud holder was an in-house entry in this month’s one-hour design challenge to make something useful out of business cards.

Eric says he’s been using it for a week and its still holding up..In any case, it’s a nice way to use those out-of-date cards (dot-com bust, anyone?) instead of just recycling them…

Other Apple-related entries in the business card challenge include an iPhone stand and speakers. Feeling creative? There’s still time to enter the contest — the top five entries win 1,000 business cards.

Via Core77

Craft works: Apple-related Cross Stitchery Eases Frustration



A few Apple fans have turned their love for the company, mixed with moments of frustration, into a (distracting?) hobby with cross-stitch projects.

One crafty fellow, who goes by the name Benjibot, started when his 4G iPod conked out. He needled out his pain by creating the following “dead iPod” cross stitch.

He has a few other clever Mac-related projects for sale in frames on Etsy that highlight some of the more ominous icons, including the bomb.

Keeps on Ticking: G4 Finds New Life as Clock



A nice idea for a “retired” Mac: new life as clocks.

Here are two versions using the side panel and front cover of a G4, which sort of looks like a giant Swatch but has an operating CD drive door and zip drive opening.

The creator is a guy (handle: pixelthis) with a fondness for all things Apple who has been taking things apart since the day he could walk and occasionally putting them back together.

These Mac clocks run about $60 each, available on Etsy.

His other clocks made from computer hard drives, bike wheels and bike gears are also worth a gander.