Glimpse the inside of Apple’s gargantuan Arizona data center


This isn't actually Apple's data center, but it's close.
This isn't actually Apple's data center, but it's close. (There are pictures available; we just can use them.)
Photo: Pexels

Apple is very secretive about its data centers. For good reason: They’re at risk from criminals, foreign spy agencies, terrorists and more. But the company gave a local newspaper a look inside its Arizona server farm.

This 1.3 million-square-foot facility in Mesa houses Apple’s global data command center.

iPhone is made in America, Tim Cook insists


Tim Cook says iPhone is an American product
Workers in Texas produce components for the iPhone X. Many parts for Apple's products are made in this country.
Photo: Apple

It clearly makes Tim Cook angry that people think the iPhone is made in China. “It’s not true that iPhone isn’t built in the United States,” Apple’s CEO said today.

The design work definitely happens in the United States. However, Cook points out that Apple suppliers produce many components in this country as well.

Apple to build $1.3 billion data center in Iowa


Apple's Iowa data center
An aerial view shows what Apple's Iowa data center will look like.
Image: Apple

The next great Apple data center powered by renewable energy is coming soon to Iowa.

Apple revealed today that it plans to invest $1.3 billion into a new data center in Waukee, Iowa, that will help create more than 550 construction and operations jobs in the city near Des Moines. Along with splurging on the data center, the company will also create a $100 million Public Improvement Fund to boost infrastructure in the Des Moines area.

Apple plans to build its own cloud with ridiculously named project


Apple can only benefit by building its own data centers.
Photo: Bob Mical/Flickr CC

Apple is looking to decrease its reliance on data infrastructure that it currently outsources to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Dubbed “Project McQueen,” the new project is meant to speed up Apple’s cloud services, like moving photos and videos onto your iOS devices.

Apple to build $850 million solar farm to power spaceship campus


Photo: Apple
Apple is doubling down on its commitment to solar energy. Photo: Apple

Apple is building a massive new solar farm in California to power the company’s upcoming spaceship campus and other facilities, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday.

The solar farm will occupy 1,300 acres in Monterey, California. Cook said the move is a testament to Apple’s commitment to environmental responsibility.