Want to use these Apple pillows? There’s a nap for that


Apple pillows
This Iconic hardware will make your Apple dreams soft and sweet.
Photo: Throwboy

We’ve all fallen asleep at our computer. So why not recreate that moment with hardware that’s actually soft?

Throwboy, the company that takes the familiar symbols of our personal computing lives and sews them into plush pillows, turned Kickstarter success into a warehouse stocked with the new Iconic Pillow Collection.

This lovable Mac lookalike is soft enough to hug


Hardware and software, the Classicbot Plush.
Photo: Philip Lee

There are collectors dying to get their hands on certain Mac prototypes. Put your hands on the one that surfaced in Anaheim, Calif. earlier this month, you’ll want to squeeze it. It’s that soft.

Philip Lee, the Hong Kong toy designer who loves all things Apple, showed off the plush Mac-like prototype toy at the recent DesignerCon 2018.

Apple Park gets bricked in amazing Lego replica


LEGO Apple Park
It took the LEGO brick master Spencer R two years to build his replica Apple Park.
Flickr screenshot: Fabrizio Constantini/Spencer R

As architecture to behold, the Apple Park “spaceship” campus has received the ultimate validation — as a Lego model.

The iconic ring, the circular Steve Jobs Theater, the fitness center, and even the plant life have been faithfully re-created at approximately 1/650th scale by a brick master who goes by Spencer R.

These pillows will help the Apple geek dream different


Apple pillows
This Iconic hardware will make your Apple dreams soft and sweet.
Photo: Throwboy

Five of the most historic pieces of hardware are back as soft plush pillows cuddle-ready for all Apple geeks.

The Iconic Pillow Collection, designed to resemble the Apple II, Apple Macintosh, the Bondi Blue iMac, the iPod and the first iPhone, is the latest line of plush pillows from digital lifestyle company Throwboy.

Here’s why bartenders wear Apple Watch


Apple Watch buyers
Apple Watch is convenient among service workers who aren't allowed to check their phones on the job.
Photo: Christopher Lavan/Nyloon

If you’re not convinced you need an Apple Watch, you might be able to justify one if your job forbids you from checking your phone.

This makes the wearable particularly popular within the service industry, according to an informal survey of airline attendants, bartenders, waiters, baristas and TSA employees published Monday.

‘Apple Watch Song’ turns angst into an earful of laughs (and a wrist full of cancer)


Angsty Apple geeks everywhere can sing along to the
Angsty Apple geeks everywhere can sing along to the "Apple Watch Song."
Photo: Matthew Patrick Davis

A manic new music video called “Apple Watch Song” turns all the anticipation and angst surrounding the hit wearable into a geeky anthem for Apple fans awaiting delivery of their precious wrist gadgets.

From the Apple Watch Edition’s exorbitant price tag to the fabricated health scare of “cancer wrist,” the wacky song turns the dreams and doubts about Apple’s smartwatch into a cavalcade of comedic riffs.

Kahney’s Korner: Are you ready for Cult of Mac version 2?


The Cult of Mac is ready for its upgrade.
The Cult of Mac is ready for its upgrade.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Believe it or not, it’s been nearly a decade since The Cult of Mac got published. The book, by our fearless leader Leander Kahney, took readers on a deep dive into the world of Apple fanatics around the world. It introduced us to the creative and talented tribe of individuals devoted to Macs, iPods and all things dreamed up in Cupertino.

Now that seminal work about Apple devotees is ready for an update. As he gets ready to embark on a year of fresh reporting before writing the next chapter in Cult of Mac history, he’s revisiting the original text. And having a laugh, as you’ll see in this week’s edition of Kahney’s Corner.

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‘Stay in your lane’ and other transition tips from Apple’s new retail chief


Apple's new head of retail has some tips on transitioning to a new job

Assimilating into the mothership’s culture isn’t easy (just ask John Browett) but Angela Ahrendts looks well on her way to becoming one of the regulars at Apple HQ.

The recently hired retail chief has only been at Apple for two months, but in a recent blog post, the former Burberry CEO says she’s learned a few tips transitioning from London and the fashion industry to Silicon Valley’s tech scene, and she’s ready to divulge her wisdom to anyone disoriented during the first 90 days of a new job.

Here are three tips she has on how to assimilate and thrive during a transition: