Apple Now Allows You To Supercharge Your iMac With New Flash Storage Options


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Up until now, if you wanted a new 21.5-inch 2012 iMac from Apple, you had pretty dim prospects when it came to storage: your only options were a a stinky 1TB 5400RPM hard drive, or spending an additional $250 on a 1TB Fusion Drive. There were no options for a pure flash storage iMac, and on the 27-inch iMac side, things weren’t much better: the only thing you could opt for in a build-to-order iMac was a $900 768GB SSD.

That’s all changed for the better now, though. Apple has quietly updated build-to-order options across its iMac line to allow you to replace your new iMac’s 1TB hard drive with a 256GB or 512GB SSD for $300 and $600, accordingly. That’s actually pretty expensive for an SSD — which cost about $0.66 per GB on Amazon right now — but given what a royal pain-in-the-neck performing any surgery on Apple’s glued shut new iMacs is, it’s your only real option if you want a flash drive in your iMac.


Apple Launches New ‘Why You’ll Love iPad’ Campaign



Last week Apple launched its new ‘Why You’ll Love iPhone’ webpage that many viewed as a defensive effort to combat the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Today, Apple unleashed a similar website, only for the iPad.

The “Why You’ll Love iPad” webpage on gives potential customers a number of reasons why the iPad and iPad mini are the best tablets on the market, including it’s apps, precision design, brilliant display, and battery.

Back To The Future: 15 Years Of Apple Web Design Seen Through A Time Machine [Feature]



In just the last fifteen years, a lot has changed for Apple. The company has transformed itself from a dying corporation teetering on the brink of bankruptcy into the most powerful technology company in the world, a giant that has revolutionized pretty much every aspect of technology.

Given the extraordinary changes that have happened to Apple in the last fifteen years, you’d think that the homepage would have gone through a lot of changes too. But it hasn’t. Why not?

Going back through fifteen years of homepages, it is clear that for Apple, their website is just another product, just like an iPhone or iPod. When Apple wants to make a new product, they first find the ideal form they think that object should be, and then endlessly iterate upon it over successive generations to bring the function of that form into sharper relief.

Apple’s website is no different. Here’s how Apple has refined it over the years.

Nike+ FuelBand Now Available In New Colors At Your Local Apple Store


The Nike+ FuelBand, now available in 'White Ice' and 'Black Ice'.
The Nike+ FuelBand, now available in 'White Ice' and 'Black Ice'.

Nike has announced a duo of new colors for its Nike+ FuelBand, which are now available to purchase from Apple retail stores across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom from today. The new colors are “Black Ice” and “White Ice,” and like the other models, they’re priced at $149.95.

New iPod Touches To Begin Shipping In 2-3 Weeks?



The new 4-inch, fifth-generation iPod touches aren’t out yet, and Apple will only stubbornly insist that they are shipping sometime this month, but Sam Adams at Today’s iPhone noticed yesterday that the Australian Apple website listed ship dates for the new iPod touch as being between two-three weeks.

Not a long time to wait, certainly, but still disappointing considering they were announced three weeks ago and still won’t be shipping out until the end of October.

Source: Today’s iPhone

New iPad Shipping Times Slip From March 19th To 2-3 Weeks


"Ships: 2-3 Weeks" is the new "Delivers On March 16th."

Time, it just keeps on slipping. Just a couple of days after delivery times slipped to March 19th, the average wait time for any new iPad ordered off of is now 2-3 weeks.

Last year, the waiting time slide didn’t end here, and iPad 2 delivery times slipped to greater than a month for quite a while. So if you haven’t ordered a new iPad yet and can’t wait in line for one at launch, you might want to pull out that credit card already.