Jump onto Super Leap Day platformer on Apple Arcade


Jump onto ‘Super Leap Day’ platformer on Apple Arcade
Float up, leap high and raise the roof in Super Leap Day.
Photo: Nitrome

There’s no reason leap day should only happen once every four years. With Nitrome’s Super Leap Day, it can be every day! This fast-paced one-button platformer offers a new level to play every single day.

And it’s not the only game to debut on Apple Arcade this Friday. A pair of classic titles are also available for subscribers at no additional cost.

Toss your sanity out the window and play Detonation Racing


Toss your sanity out the window and play ‘Detonation Racing’
Trust Dr. Boom when he says, “Driving a racing car round an exploding race track is a pretty hazardous thing to do.”
Photo: Electric Square

Detonation Racing bills itself as “the most dangerous, least sensible racing series ever devised.” Gameplay involves skillfully maneuvering around a track, but also maybe throwing a nuclear submarine at your opponents.

It zoomed onto Apple Arcade on Friday.

High-flying Jetpack Joyride+ rockets onto Apple Arcade


Jetpack Joyride+ debuted on Apple Arcade on Kuly 23
Pretend you got the jetpack you always wanted in Jetpack Joyride+ on Apple Arcade.
Photo: Halfbrick Studios

Jetpack Joyride+ launched on Apple Arcade Friday, allowing subscribers to play the classic game without the hassle of in-app purchases.

Strap on a jetpack and fly through an endless runner. Or ride a mechanical dragon or giant mech while wearing a crazy costume — the game offers all these modes.

Netflix confirms it will take on Apple Arcade — and it won’t cost extra


Netflix could get into gaming
Interested in a Netflix gaming service?
Image: Netflix/Cult of Mac

Netflix seemingly isn’t content to compete with Apple (spoiler: it’s winning) over streaming video subscription services only. The media giant has now confirmed that it is planning to launch an Apple Arcade rival — and at no extra cost to its subscribers.

In a letter to shareholders, Netflix noted that it is still “in the early stages of the initiative,” but that it views it as a major piece of the puzzle in terms of dominating the entertainment landscape.

Tetris Beat puts musical twist on a classic game


‘Tetris Beat’ is coming soon to Apple Arcade
Tetris Beat isn’t your parents’ version of the game.
Photo: Apple Arcade

Take Tetris and give it some rhythm and you get Tetris Beat, a fresh version of the puzzle classic. It includes music from Alison Wonderland and many other artists.

The game is coming soon to Apple Arcade.

Play god. Drive safe. Flip birds. Search secret. [Awesome Apps of the Week]


Apple Arcade delivers blasts from the past, but there's new stuff in the App Store this week as well.
Apple Arcade delivers updated blasts from the past, but there's totally new stuff in the App Store this week as well.
Image: Cult of Mac

Some classic iOS games got upgraded for their Apple Arcade debuts this week, but that’s just the start of this week’s roundup. A new iOS app gives you the chance to win prizes for not driving like a jerk. And a new Mac app lets you effortlessly declutter your presentations.

Plus, a couple of heavy-hitter apps got updates — one kind of serious from a privacy perspective, and one almost completely frivolous. Are you ready for your app upgrades?

Improved Alto’s Odyssey, Angry Birds arrive in Apple Arcade


‘Angry Birds Reloaded’ is coming soon to Apple Arcade.
“Angry Birds Reloaded” is one of the classic games now available on Apple Arcade without the hassle of in-app purchases.
Photo: Rovio

A trio of classic games have been updated just for Apple Arcade. That includes Angry Birds Reloaded, Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City and Doodle God Universe.

All three debuted Friday on Apple’s subscription gaming service.

Eagerly anticipated Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City surfs onto Apple Arcade this month


Alto's Odyssey
The third in a great series.
Photo: Snowman

First there was 2015’s brilliant Alto’s Adventure. Then there was 2018’s superb Alto’s OdysseyNow the third entry in the series, Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City, is coming to Apple Arcade July 16 — and, boy, does the newly released trailer get our hopes up.

Describing the Alto’s games is a bit difficult. They’re, in essence, endless runners, in which the focus is on traversing environments such as snowy peaks and sandy dunes. But if that makes it sound like a sport’s game, you’d be wrong. These titles are all about the gorgeous, almost hypnotic graphics and sound that make it feel more like Monument Valley than SSX: Tricky.

Check out the trailer below.