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Rumored 4K screens could let Apple VR/AR headset offer real world-like clarity


Apple VR/AR headset concept from Ahmed Chenni
Apple's mixed-reality headset could pack seriously impressive micro OLED displays.
Concept: Ahmed Chenni/Freelancer.com

Rumored specs of the micro OLED panels Apple plans to use in its upcoming VR/AR headset indicate the device could deliver ultra-realistic clarity that makes virtual worlds look real.

The headset, which could be called “Reality Pro” or “Reality One,” will use two 1.41-inch micro OLEDs with a pixel density of 4,000 PPI, according to a respected display analyst.

View a 100-inch virtual screen with ‘world’s first AR laptop’


If you were really standing behind her, you wouldn't be able to see any of those tabs.
If you were really standing behind her, you wouldn't be able to see any of those tabs.
Photo: Sightful

With Apple apparently on the verge of releasing its first AR/VR headset at WWDC23, an Israeli startup called Sightful has unveiled Spacetop, which it calls “the world’s first augmented-reality laptop.”

Spacetop has no dedicated display. The user dons AR glasses to view tabs across a curved, 100-inch virtual space that no one else can see. You have to wonder if this practical step into AR is the right move at the right time — or too practical for its own good.

Apple’s AR/VR headset now rumored to launch in second half of 2023


Apple mixed reality headset
Another delay in Apple's AR headset launch.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple’s AR/VR headset might launch later than anticipated in 2023. Instead of a Q2 2023 debut, Apple might release the headset in the year’s second half.

The delay, reportedly due to “software-related issues,” will impact the AR/VR headset’s shipment numbers for the year.

Apple is building a rival to the metaverse


Apple VR/AR headset takes big step toward production
Apple's answer to the "metaverse" could look a lot different. (Let's hope so.)
Concept: Martin Hajek/Computer Bild

Apple job listings offer a peek into the development of the company’s long-rumored AR headset. Cupertino seemingly wants to create augmented reality and 3D content for its mixed-reality device, which could arrive in early 2023.

More importantly, one posting indicates Apple could be working on a metaverse competitor.

Apple AR glasses launch could mark end of Tim Cook era


2018 interview with Tim Cook suggests Apple was working on iCloud backup encryption
Tim Cook wants to stick around for one more big Apple product hitting the market.
Photo: Apple

Tim Cook has been Apple CEO for 10 years and he’s considering his exit strategy. But it won’t be soon because the executive will wait until the launch of “one more major new product category,” according to a new report.