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Why the dream of Apple buying Disney won’t die


The idea that Apple could buy Disney keeps coming up.
Photo: The Walt Disney Company

As legacy studios like Disney face formidable problems, a new report suggests CEO Bob Iger might revisit a “once-unthinkable option” — that Apple might buy the company, or at least a stripped-down version of it.

After all, in a near-future of even greater tech-company dominance over entertainment, Disney may need deep-pocketed protection. And its longstanding connection with Apple could come into play.

Regulatory scrutiny starts before Apple Pay Later even launches


A major regulator points at Apple Pay Later to express concern over Big Tech entering the short-term loan business.
A major regulator points at Apple Pay Later to express concern over Big Tech entering the short-term loan business.
Photo: Apple

When Apple said in July at WWDC22 it would launch Apple Pay Later with iOS 16, it effectively said it would enter the short-term loan business, known for “buy now, pay later” plans.

So it’s no big surprise that the Cupertino tech giant — accustomed to regulatory scrutiny in the U.S. and abroad — is now facing it from financial industry regulators.

But what’s somewhat surprising is that regulators are making noise about a host of concerns even before Apple Pay Later comes out.

Lawmakers call for quick votes on Big Tech antitrust bills


Some lawmakers urge votes take place before recess.
Some lawmakers urge votes take place before the upcoming recess.
Photo: Jens June/Pixabay

A letter from progressive members of the U.S. House of Representatives this week urged Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to call for votes soon on a pair of antitrust bills that would rein in the power of tech giants like Apple and Google in an attempt to open up competition from more companies.

Without votes “in the next few weeks,” lawmakers’ upcoming months-long recess could delay action considerably.

UK regulator investigates accusation of collusion between Apple and Google


Apple Google
Google and Apple are accused of colluding with one another.
Photo: Apple/Google

The U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority is looking into accusations of “collusion at a very senior level” against Apple and Google.

Online campaign group Marketers for an Open Web made the complaint. It says the two tech behemoths are “not competing head to head,” but rather working together when it comes to search.

The group points to documents uncovered in a U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit, including a 2018 internal email in which Apple and Google staffers discussed how they “work as if we are one company.”

Former App Store review boss says Apple creates ‘arbitrary’ rules to hurt rivals


Apple Arcade game icons
Apple Arcade gets preferential treatment. Allegedly.
Photo: Apple

Ex-App Store review boss Phil Shoemaker told the congressional antitrust subcommittee that Apple creates “arbitrary” rules which it uses as a “weapon” against competitors. One such example is allowing Apple Arcade, while blocking Xbox Game Pass.

Shoemaker’s testimony appears in the antitrust subcommittee’s 449-page report published this week.

House antitrust report claims Apple wields ‘monopoly power’ over competitors


Monopoly board game
Does Apple have too much power in its corner?
Photo: Kathy Marsh/Unsplash CC

The House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee revealed its recommendations for dealing with Big Tech Monday in a 449-page report, following 16 months of investigation.

While the report has recommendations for Amazon, Facebook and Google parent company Alphabet, it also focuses on Apple — and what needs to change to make Cupertino antitrust-compliant.

House antitrust report calls to ‘break up’ tech giants


Should Apple take over the White House?
Could the U.S. government break up Big Tech?
Photo: MattCC716/Flickr CC

The U.S. House of Representatives antitrust report on Big Tech reportedly includes a “thinly veiled call to break up” the tech giants, according to a report by Reuters.

The House antitrust subcommittee could publish its report on Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet this week. However, while it’s not been published yet, it’s already causing controversy.

Facebook says Apple stopped it telling users about 30% in-app purchase ‘tax’


Facebook owns 4 of the top 10 apps of the past decade
Facebook is also taking shots at Apple's App Store commissions.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Facebook claims Apple stopped it from telling users about the 30% commission that Cupertino takes from sales in a new online events feature.

According to a Reuters report published Friday, Apple said its rules stop developers from showing “irrelevant” information to users.