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Delightfully Simple Rise Alarm Clock Is Apple’s App Of The Week



Apple names a new and noteworthy app each week as its App of the Week. This week, it’s Simplebot’s Rise Alarm Clock, a universal alarm clock that’s getting quite a bit of buzz in the tech sector.

Let’s face it, alarm clocks are a dime nickel a dozen, so it’s ironic to see one hit the top spot on the App Store. The app evokes another big buzz app, Clear: it’s well-designed, looks great, and works with simple swipes and taps; what’s not to love?

Angry Birds Space Is Free In The App Store For The Next 7 Days [Deals]


Birds! In! Spaaaaaace!
Birds! In! Spaaaaaace!

As the most popular game franchise the App Store has ever seen, Rovio doesn’t like to giveaway its prized Angry Bird apps for free, but for the first time ever you can now download Angry Birds Space for free.

Apple named Angry Birds Space as its ‘App of the Week’, which means everyone gets to download it for free for the next 7 days. If you’ve ever wanted to slingshot cute little birds into the vacuum of deep space, then here’s your chance to do so risk free.

Source: App Store

Apple Launches Free App Of The Week And Editor’s Choice Picks


App Of The Week

Finding apps in the App Store can be daunting. Sure, you can use the search function, or the Top Ten lists there, but still, with over 500,000 apps just sitting there waiting to be downloaded, it takes a lot of wading to find the true gems. That’s why Apple started their promotional areas in iTunes, to help consumers find quality apps and games. The New and Noteworthy section, the Hot Apps section, and the more recent iPhone and iPad App of the Week features call out the best of the best, in Apple’s eyes, at least. Now they’ve gone and added a new way to help you find the cream of the crop in their much lauded store: Free App of the Week.