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How to launch a Mac app and succeed


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You need a game plan if you want to successfully launch your Mac app.
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So you’re going to launch an app for Mac. Congrats! Now you’ve got to figure out an app marketing strategy that will get it to the widest audience possible.

There are many ways to approach the birth of a new product, but even in a field as fast-growing and dynamic as the world of apps, experience has yielded accepted wisdom about the best ways to start and maintain a successful campaign. Here are great rules of thumb for maximizing impact and customers for your app.

6 things the Mac App Store can learn from iOS


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The Mac App Store could use some support.
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This is a guest post by Karthik Suroju, a digital marketer at CloudMagic.

The iOS App Store is a one-stop destination for everything consumers need on the iPhone and iPad. However, that’s not the case with the Mac App Store. At the beginning of January 2016, there were 1,234,267 apps for iPhones, 662,984 for iPads and a mere 27,011 for Macs.

Master The Art of Mobile Marketing [Deals]



You’ve made the next great app. Kudos! Now comes the real challenge—marketing it. Sure there are stories of apps found by Apple and become overnight successes, but really it takes work to market your app. And by the way, we know that marketing probably isn’t your strong suit, and, by the way, that’s okay.

Well, it’s okay if you understand that you need to learn more about marketing and then do something about it. We have another Udemy course for you today that can help close the gap for you: Master The Art Of Mobile Marketing.

Opportunistic App Marketing: How One Developer Rode a Viral Video Wave



This a is a guest post by Jerry Halstead of Frontier Design Group, a small, independent app development company.

Not everyone’s app is going to be featured in a viral video. Maybe yours will be mentioned by a celebrity, used in an Apple commercial, featured in a blog or news story. Whatever the event, be prepared to act quickly and don’t be reluctant to try to capitalize on it.

Here’s how we capitalized on a viral video featuring our app, iShred.