Apple Music is getting a massive upgrade on Android


music streaming
The latest release also includes Chromecast support.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple Music is about to get a big upgrade on Android.

A beta version of its next major update reveals Android Auto support is on the way. A number of other new features will also be added to bring the Android version of the app in line with its counterpart on iOS.

Fortnite leak confirms Android users’ worst fears


Fortnite Wingman Starter Pack
Yes, you'll need a Samsung to play Fortnite for Android.
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale will be exclusive to Samsung devices when it finally comes to Android, a new leak has confirmed.

The upcoming Galaxy Note 9 or a second Samsung device will be required to play the game initially. Even if you happen to obtain the Fortnite package for Android, it won’t run on your handset until Samsung’s exclusive deal comes to an end.

It’s not yet clear exactly how long that will last.

This app will bring Spotify to Apple Watch


Snowy syncs playlists, offers playback controls, and more.
Snowy syncs playlists, offers playback controls, and more.
Photo: Andrew Chang

Spotify is finally coming to your Apple Watch, thanks to a third-party app called Snowy.

Users will gain the ability to save Spotify playlists to their Watch so they can enjoy them offline when they leave the house without their iPhone. Plus, hands-free gestures will let them skip tracks and pause playback without touching the screen.





BBM Still Not On Android & iOS Yet, So Don’t Be Fooled By The Fakes



BlackBerry announced last month that it will finally be bringing BlackBerry Messenger to Android and iOS this summer, and the news was welcomed by both existing BlackBerry users and those who have since switched to competing platforms.

Now it seems hackers are taking advantage of the excitement surrounding the app and releasing fake BBM betas for Android and iOS that could be harmful to your device.