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Apple woos new generation of storytellers with anime ad for Japan


"Hey Siri, WTF are they saying?"
Photo: Apple

Apple created a special new ad for customers in Japan that highlights the different ways the Mac has been showcased on some of the most popular anime shows in the country.

Cut together with scenes from shows like Mr. Osomatsu, NEW GAME!!, your name., Weathering with You and more, the brilliant ad encourages anime fans to embrace their creativity and create a new generation of anime stories.

You’ve never seen an Apple ad like this:

Slide into a TIE Fighter cockpit with awesome Star Wars fan anime


Strap in, boys, it's gonna be a long fight. Photo: OtaKing
Strap in, boys, it's gonna be a long fight. Photo: OtaKing

Face it, we’ve all imagined ourselves in the hot seat of a TIE fighter or X-wing at some point.

With this hot new fan-made anime, you can finally get your tour of a galaxy far, far away from the perspective of one of the Empire’s sweet Twin Ion Engine pilots. It’s a loving homage not only to the Star Wars franchise, but also to those rad anime shows of yesteryear, like Robotech and Speed Racer

Buckle in and check it out below. You’re gonna love it.