Create Professional Demo Videos In A Snap With This Actionable Course [Deals]


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If your company or personal brand doesn’t have a demo video, it’s missing out on the most effective way to convert visitors to your website into lifetime customers – by up to 400%. To create a professionally made, high-quality video like this would typically run you at least $5000, but now you don’t need to spend all that money to compete with the big boys. This Cult of Mac Deals offer will teach you how to create awesome demo videos – and for the low price of $79.

Apple Under Fire For Pirating Chinese Cartoons In iTunes Movie Store



Apple can’t catch a break in China lately. The Chinese state run press has been targeting Apple in a series of increasingly vicious attack pieces, while Apple simultaneously defends itself in court against allegations of patent violation. Now, China’s oldest animation studio is accusing Apple of stealing their movies and selling them on the iTunes store, without paying a cent.

iOS 5 Finally Gets An Animated Clock Icon Thanks To LiveClock Update [Jailbreak]


LiveClock is worth installing again!

LiveClock, a tweak from Ryan Petrich that animates the Clock app’s icon to show the time, was once one of the first tweaks I would install after jailbreaking my iPhone. But after installing iOS 5, I had to live without it — because it just wasn’t compatible. Now, nine months after iOS 5 made its debut, it is!

Animation Studio Behind Funny Steve Jobs Videos Is Up For Sale



Remember those funny animated videos from Taiwan, one of which depicted Steve Jobs as a throwing-star toting ninja? The videos were always silly yet slightly informative, but recent news about the company behind them says they might be a thing of the past. Next Media Ltd is trying to sell off their animation division for $500million after suffering heavy cash losses over the past year or so, which may spell an end to funny animated news.

Animate Your Jailbroken iPhone’s App Icons With This Motion Tweak



iOS devices receive a lot of criticism for their static app icons, which, although often pretty, are a little boring to look at. Other than the Newsstand icon, which changes depending on which publications you have installed within, iOS icons do nothing.

If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone, however, you can make them a little more exciting. Motion is a nifty tweak available from within Cydia, which will animate the app icons on your home screen with all sorts of fancy effects.

GIFVid, A Neat Animation App For iPhone [Review]



Back in the web’s Dark Ages, before anyone even dreamed of creating a logo for a markup language, and when messing around with default link colors was adventurous web design, the closest thing anyone had to online video was the animated GIF.

It was just a small series of still image files glued together, but when played in sequence they looked like movement. A million “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” animated signs bloomed across the early web.

Since then, the animated GIF has gone out of fashion. You don’t see them so much. But you might see more soon, and enjoy making your own, thanks to a new photo toy for iPhone called GIFvid.