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Feel lucky? Watch the teaser trailer for Apple TV+ animated comedy Luck.


Do you feel lucky? Watch the teaser trailer for Apple TV+'s animated comedy 'Luck'
All is not going as expected in the Land of Luck.
Photo: Apple TV+

The Apple TV+ teaser trailer for the upcoming animated film Luck explains how luck really works: it’s controlled by magical creatures. The star-studded film by Skydance Animation will be about the unluckiest person in the world visiting the Land of Luck.

Watch the trailer to see more – and learn more about luck.

Star-studded animated film Luck gets August release date on Apple TV+


‘Luck’ is coming to Apple TV+.
Luck, coming to Apple TV+, takes a trip to a world of good and bad luck to discover there are more powerful things than luck.
Photo: Apple/Skydance Animation

Skydance Animation’s Luck will be the second full-length animated film on Apple TV+ when it premieres in August 2022. The story of the unluckiest person in the world will feature the voices of Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg and other stars.

While the release date and additional details on the film were revealed Wednesday, there is as yet no trailer.

This fun app sends emoticons as big as your feelings


Screenshots: Cult of Mac
I'm feeling a bit Rocky Horror, here. Screenshots: Gina Pell/LOLy

Tired of being stuck with tiny little Emojis?

Well, the developer for new app LOLy has the solution: huge, animated emoticons that you can send to friends via text message, Facebook, or email. You can also just copy them and send along to any other text-accepting app, like Twitter, Kik, or Whatsapp.

The images are cute and fun to send, and once you’ve used the images included with the free LOLy app, you’ll want to grab a couple more packs for $0.99 each.

“I primarily designed this app for women with a focus on the 30s-50s demographic,” says app developer Gina Pell. “I had a hunch that most emoji were geared towards teens and lacked the sophistication, style, or wit that my friends or I would find interesting.”