New evidence indicates Apple AirTags will land soon


New evidence shows AirTags closer than ever to release
Are you excited about AirTags?
Photo: MacRumors

Newly leaked screenshots depict an updated AirTags section in the “Find My” app. Although they are referred to by their codename “B389,” the screenshots show how AirTags findability will work.

AirPods are the rumored item tracker tags which promise to help users to locate bags, keys, and assorted other valuables.

AirTags and other new Apple gear might land this week


APple Smart Battery Case iPhone XR
Apple might quietly unveil an iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case this week, like this one for last year’s handset.
Photo: Apple

Rather than having an October event, Apple unveiled AirPods Pro today via press release. This sparked speculation that the company plans to quietly take the wraps off more products this week.

A release date for the Mac Pro, fresh Apple TV hardware, and other items could be announced, one each day.

iOS 13.2 leaks details on upcoming ‘AirTags’ and iPhone 11 battery cases


Tile pro pack
Apple is getting ready to do battle with Tile.
Photo: Tile

Details of at least two unreleased Apple products may have been spilled by Apple’s big iOS 13.2 update that came out to the public this morning.

Apple has been rumored for months to be working on Bluetooth tracker tags similar to Tile’s. The official unveiling of Apple’s tracker could come by the end of the year, but references in iOS 13.2 may have just revealed its name.