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Enter to win a clever AirTag bike reflector mount [Cult of Mac giveaway]


A great bike reflector with a hidden place for your AirTag
You can mount this reflective AirTag holder anywhere on your bike.
Photo: Device Therapy

For this week’s giveaway, we teamed up with Device Therapy, which makes a clever disguise to keep an eye on your bicycle. Three lucky winners will receive an awesome Bike Reflector Mount that can help foil thieves who want to steal your two-wheeler.

The AirTag bike mount’s reflective surface is made from genuine 3M diamond-grade reflective material. The durable mounts are made from plant-sourced bioplastic, 3D-printed in-house by the product’s creator.

This iPhone wallet/stand acts like it has a built-in AirTag [Review] ★★★★


ESR HaloLock Geo Wallet Stand review★★★★
The ESR HaloLock Geo Wallet Stand is an iPhone multi-tool: wallet, stand and handle.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The ESR HaloLock Geo Wallet Stand combines three popular iPhone add-ons into one. In addition to being a wallet and a stand, it also includes a handle. If that wasn’t enough, the accessory can be located almost anywhere with Apple’s Find My network, just like an AirTag.

I attached the wallet/stand to my iPhone 14 Plus with its powerful magnets and started testing. Here’s what I discovered.

Get up to 86% off a wide array of Apple accessories


Want an iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Case with MagSafe? That's 75% off.
Want an iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Case with MagSafe? That's 75% off.
Photo: Apple

Amazon bargain website Woot! is back with an another Apple sale. You can get up to a stunning 86% off many of the company’s popular accessories.

You can bag bargains on Apple iPhone cases and sleeves, AirTag leather loops and keychains, a MagSafe charger, adapters, cables and more — 25 items in all.

Want to never lose your keys again? Here’s how.


With an AirTag keychain, Find My will keep those keys from getting away from you.
With an AirTag keychain, Find My will keep those keys from getting away from you.
Photo: Mujjo

If you’re tired of misplacing or flat-out losing your keys, take heart. Accessories maker Mujjo introduced its new, luxe-leather Canopy AirTag Keychain on Tuesday.

It includes a little magnet to help keep the AirTag tracking device in place inside the pocket. And while it’s just another one of many AirTag keychains out there, it looks like a nice option.

Make your furry friend findable with an AirTag cat collar [Review] ★★★★


Nine Twenty Eight Leather Apple AirTag Cat Collar review★★★★
It's much easier to locate a missing cat if she's wearing a cat collar with an AirTag.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Leather Apple AirTag Cat Collar from Nine Twenty Eight gives you some peace of mind that you’ll be able to find your pet if she ever sneaks outside your home. And it’s well-made and looks good, whatever color you choose.

I tried the tracking collar on my own fuzzy friend. Here’s what it’s like in real-world use.

Enter to win American-made Apple accessories from Raptic [Cult of Mac giveaway]


Link+Lock AirTag Case
A built-in combination lock takes AirTag tracking to a higher level of security.
Photo: Raptic

If you own an iPhone 13 Pro and an AirTag, you should definitely enter the latest Cult of Mac giveaway. The $80 bundles we’re giving away to five lucky winners feature a pair of protective accessories from Raptic.

The bundle includes the Terrain iPhone 13 Pro Case (which offers 10-foot drop protection) and the Link + Lock AirTag case (with a built-in combination lock for extra security).

If you care about protection for your devices, and also the environment, be sure and enter our giveaway. The Terrain is the only iPhone case 100% made in the USA. Which means it’s better for the environment, because it eliminates carbon emissions from international transportation.

Carry an AirTag in style with clever Orbitkey holders [Review]


Orbitkey AirTag holders reviews
Attach an AIrTag to your keys or other item with the Orbitkey Leather Holder or Slim Case.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Orbitkey offers a pair of AirTag holders that make it easy to attach Apple’s tracking tag to your keys or purse. The Slim Case has a minimalistic design, while the Leather Holder wraps the AirTag in a stylish sleeve.

I used both holders to see how they stood up to real-world use.

This beefy leather AirTag keychain will sucker you in [Review]


WaterField Designs Leather AirTag Keychain review: This keychain can handle a clutch of keys.
This AirTag keychain from WaterField Designs can handle a clutch of keys.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

WaterField Designs’ AirTag Leather Keychain looks a little like a squid’s head. The oval-ish leather keychain comes with a heavy-duty matte black key ring at one end. (Your keys would be the squid’s tentacles in this tortured simile.) And a metal grommet at the other end lets you attach an included steel carabiner or cable loop to expand your options.

The San Francisco company constructed this crucial AirTag accessory out of beefy full-grain leather and high-end components. It definitely looks and feels premium. And it seems built to last a lifetime.

The only real downside is size-related: This is one giant squid!

Get an exclusive discount on this great-looking slimline AirTag wallet


Snapback Slim Air AirTag wallet.
You know you want an AirTag wallet. Now the Snapback Slim comes in three colors.
Photo: Nick Augeri

If you want to keep tabs on your credit cards and cash with one of Apple’s new wireless trackers, consider the Snapback Slim Air — a slender leather wallet with a pocket on the side for an AirTag.

The Snapback Slim Air is a trendy slim wallet, a style that’s currently all the rage. It comes in three colors and is designed to slide into your front pocket like a money clip. It holds up to six cards, a few folded bills and an AirTag. And we have an exclusive discount code for Cult of Mac readers.

Protect your AirTags in style with these great accessories


Track your AirTags in style with these great deals.
Check out these great deals on AirTag accessories.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Apple’s AirTag trackers are great. With one little device, suddenly you don’t have to worry about your lost wallet or misplaced keys.

However, these circular devices are just about useless for most applications unless you add an AirTag accessory that holds the tracker in place. You could always duct-tape one to your backpack and claim it’s shabby chic, but … yeah, no. Luckily, we have some fun cases and accessories specially made for AirTags on sale right now, and you should take a look.