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Apple considering AirPod charging case with Bluetooth speaker


Bluetooth in iOS 11
The AirPod charging case will do so much more, if a new Apple patent turns into a real product.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The case for your Apple wireless earbuds is necessary to charge them, but it’s useless the rest of the time. But what if this AirPod charging case was itself a speaker?

That’s the concept behind a patent Apple just received. Whether it will turn into an actual product is anyone’s guess.

Apple headphones concept mashes AirPod with HomePod


Apple headphones concept
A well-known designer has proposed his ideas for Apple headphones, including wireless charging.
Photo: Martin Hajek

It’s an open secret that Apple is developing its own over-the-ear headphones, separate from Beats’ products. Well-known designer Martin Hajek dreamed up suggestions for how these super-size AirPods might look. 

His concept art shows a heavy influence from Apple’s HomePod smart speaker, and the headphones function in somewhat the same ways.

Apple investigates AirPods explosion


AirPod explodes
What happened to this poor AirPod?
Photo: WFLA

Apple is investigating how an AirPod exploded and very nearly injured its owner. A Tampa, Florida man was listening to music at the gym when he noticed smoke billowing out of his ear. Fortunately for him, he took the AirPod out before it ended up in tiny pieces.

Keep your AirPods safe and sound with PodPocket


PodPockets protect your AirPods and complement Apple's unique design.
A PodPocket protects your AirPods and complements Apple’s unique design.
Photo: PodPocket

This post is presented by PodPocket.

Apple’s futuristic wireless headphones might look like they belong in Elroy Jetson’s ears, but they’re still subject to gravity. Think it stings when you drop a couple hundred bucks on a new set of AirPods? Imagine the feeling of dropping them on the pavement.

Bottom line: AirPods are great, but also expensive, fragile and easy to lose.