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Let AI generate your voiceovers with a $59 Micmonster lifetime plan


Micmonster gives your project voice with AI voiceover.
Give anything a voiceover with this $59 AI-powered voiceover tool.
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Shooting or animating videos is easier than ever, and adding polished voiceovers can help bring your YouTube videos and marketing materials to life. However, hiring talented voice actors can get quite pricey.

With an AI-based voiceover generator like Micmonster, you can narrate your own scripts in various styles and languages. For a limited time, you can purchase a lifetime subscription at the best price available on the web: just $59 (regularly $119).

Generate articles using this AI writing software, now less than $40 for life 


Write quicker than ever before with this AI copywriting app.
Fight writer’s block forever with this top-rated AI article generator.
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Whether you write for work, need SEO-targeted product descriptions, or want to drive more traffic to your website, turning around top-quality content quickly is essential. Now, incredible AI writing software is available to help you eliminate the time it takes to write.

You can generate articles in flash with Autowriterpro — it’s one of the highest-rated artificial intelligence-powered writing apps around. If you’d save a ton of time having your copy generated for you, now’s the time to try it out. A lifetime subscription to Autowriterpro is on sale for just $39.99.

Apple and its latest acquisition will make AI music together


StaffPad being used on iPad
Soon your iPhone can write music just for you.
Photo: David William Hearn

Apple reportedly bought AI Music, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to create songs in real time.

The technology will most likely be integrated into the Apple Photos application for creating background music for slideshows and video montages.

SpotCam Pano 2 AI security camera offers free, continuous cloud recording


The SpotCam Pano 2 AI security camera offers full-time continuous cloud recording -- forever.
The SpotCam Pano 2 AI security camera offers full-time continuous cloud recording -- forever.
Photo: SpotCam

SpotCam recently unveiled its new SpotCam Pano 2, a smart, 5-megapixel cloud security AI camera with free, full-time, continuous cloud recording to make sure you always have your footage. The company, founded in Taiwan in 2013, said it’s the only camera brand to offer that.

Spotify snaps up AI startup Podz which helps listeners find the perfect podcast


Podz launched its "Audio Newsfeed" on iOS in February.
Photo: Podz

As part of the podcasting arms race between tech giant, Spotify has acquired Podz, an AI podcast discovery service for an undisclosed amount of money. Podz generates (or generated) short audio clips that populated a Instagram Stories-style timeline users could flip through to find podcasts they were likely to enjoy listening to.

Microsoft buys speech recognition company that helped power Siri


Apple’s AI-driven voice-controlled digital assistant Siri
Nuance tech helped give rise to tools like Siri.
Image: Apple

Microsoft has acquired Nuance Communications, the speech recognition AI company which helped* power Siri.

Microsoft snapped up Nuance for a massive $16 billion ($19.7 billion, inclusive of Nuance’s net debt). That’s the most it has spent on a company since buying LinkedIn for $26 billion in 2016.

iOS 14’s adult-content blocker prevents searches for the word ‘Asian’


Apple's adult block
It's likely an example of AI run amok.
Photo: Apple

iOS 14’s built-in pornographic content blocker stymies searches that include the word “Asian,” according to a computer science student.

This means searches for “Asian food” or “Asian countries” are blocked if the adult content filters are enabled. Similar blocks aren’t in place for search terms including “black,” “white,” “Arab,” “French” and other national or racial descriptors.

Voiceitt is an iOS app that will make Alexa easier for people with atypical speech


This could be a game-changer for those who need it.
Photo: Voiceitt

CES 2021 bug For people with non-standard speech — such as those who have experienced strokes, neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, or developmental disorders — communicating with an AI assistant like Amazon’s Alexa isn’t quite as seamless as it is for many.

With that in mind, a speech recognition startup for atypical speech, called Voiceitt, has developed an accessibility app for iOS that improves Alexa. Here’s how it works.

Apple snaps up AI company which could help make videos searchable in Photos app


ADAM Elements iKlips C -2
Making videos smarter and more easily searchable.
Photo: ADAM Elements

Apple earlier this year snapped up an AI video company, Bloomberg reports. The Barcelona-based Vilynx uses AI technology to help analyze videos to understand what it shows by looking at text, visuals, and audio. This can be used to make the videos more easily searchable.

According to the report, Apple could use this tech to make its Photos app better by allowing users to search videos for people and objects the same way they currently can search photos. It could also help make Siri smarter or improve recommendations in the TV app and more.