Name your price for a social marketing master class [Deals]


Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing, for whatever you want to pay.
Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing, for whatever you want to pay.
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Today, digital marketing is one of the largest and most lucrative industries. In 2018, platforms like Google and Facebook have become fundamental to marketing. So if you’re going to be successful at marketing, you’ve got to understand how to master social media.

Every Single Mobile Ad I’ve Ever Clicked Has Been On Accident And Google Knows It



I’d say the single most annoying part of my mobile experience is when I accidentally click on a strategically placed ad. Most of the time, ads are placed in close proximity to where a user needs to touch in order to scroll or advance — not to mention there’s little screen real estate to begin with. Thankfully, and surprisingly, Google has been working on making accidental clicks a thing of the past.

Apple Spends $1MM Per Month On Google Adwords



Over the weekend, AdAge managed to get their hands on some data showing how much big companies spend on Google Adwords.

Google’s none too happy about the breach, saying: “We’re now looking into the possibility that someone improperly disclosed confidential information about our clients, and [we] will take all appropriate action.”

But Apple can’t be happy about the leak either, particularly since it highlighted the fact that Apple spends a million dollars a month on Google Adwords adverising… despite the fact that they have a competing network called iAds.

Of course, a million bucks a month is just a drop in Apple’s coffers, and Apple can’t trust iAds alone to promote their own products successfully yet, given its limited rollout to iOS devices. Still, Apple ultimately intends to go head-to-head with Google Adwords for the mobile space… a blip in the headlines saying they are giving money to their rival has to be annoying, no matter how inconsequential the amount.

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