Learn To Design Bundle Is Like Design School In A Box [Deals]



I write about courses and education a lot here. Video training courses are pretty popular items to offer. We all know that we need to hone our current skills and pick up new ones in today’s knowledge economy. This course bundle—I just read through the course offerings again—is like going to design school for $100.

Seriously. It’s all there. Sure you might be more interested in making WP themes with Dreamweaver and creating logos (first 1000 buyers only get that bonus!) or maybe InDesign and Illustrator, but the point is that you can now pick up the skills you need in the core apps that creative folks use all the timeLearn To Design Bundle.

49 Courses On Adobe Software For $1 Each [Deals]


Train Simple - Adobe Online Training

With all the changes in the web and graphic design world, I hope you don’t think for a moment that Adobe has diminished one iota as the king of graphics and layout. Good. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about learning these infernal apps.

I don’t know anyone who uses Adobe apps who doesn’t have even just a touch of a love-hate relationship with the tools. Which makes learning Adobe apps with Adobe Authorized training all the more awesome. Even more awesome when you get get $100 worth of training for less than $50—Learn Web Design With Train Simple