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Change how you do things with these 7 tech deals.
These seven awesome deals are just too good to pass up.
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Knowing you can improve yourself — or the world around you — and actually doing it are very different things. As much as you might want to learn new skills or upgrade your technology, actually figuring out how to do it can be the most difficult part.

So, isn’t it great that you can get a running start toward hacking your productivity and improving your technology with these really great (and really time-sensitive) deals on software and e-learning?

Get safe, unrestricted browsing for 5 years with this top-rated VPN, on sale for less than $8 a year 


Protect your private information for 5 years with this top-rated VPN
This VPN is your ultimate solution for safe internet without restrictions.
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If you use the internet, you need a virtual private network you can trust. It’s a no-brainer: A VPN allows you to protect your private information, keep your connection secure, and browse the internet content you want, totally unrestricted.

One of the best-reviewed VPNs out there is AdGuard VPN. And today, we’ve found a five-year subscription to the highly rated service on sale for just $39.99. That’s an 88% discount off the regular price of $359, which works out to less than $8 a year for total internet browsing security.