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Block ads and trackers to speed up your web browsing


Control D protects the privacy of your whole family for $27.99.
Save on a five-year sub to Control D, which works with any internet-connected device.
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No one likes being tracked across the web and bombarded with ads. If you want to restore some privacy, Control D offers complete protection across all your devices — and you can get a five-year subscription today for only $27.99 using coupon code CONTROL.

While Safari offers a small amount of built-in protection, the internet is becoming harder and harder to use without an ad blocker. There are simply too many ads, pop-ups and trackers to navigate easily. No matter what browser you use, Control D can make the web better. Rated a perfect five stars on Product Hunt, this powerful privacy app is packed full of useful features.

Block all YouTube ads with the best Safari extension ever [Awesome Apps]


Vinegar running on iOS
No ads. Picture-in-picture. Background play. All in one extension. Perfect, no notes.
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Awesome Apps

If you love YouTube but hate YouTube ads, Vinegar is the best Safari extension you can download. It blocks all ads on YouTube and restores many iOS-native features like playing videos in the background, picture-in-picture, and more on iPhone, iPad and Mac alike.

YouTube ads are freaking insufferable. But if you don’t want to put down the dough for YouTube Premium (currently $13.99 per month), you can pay a one-time fee of just $1.99 to buy Vinegar for all your Apple devices.

If you ever watch YouTube, Vinegar is life-changing. Get it now on the App Store for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

Block annoying internet ads and trackers for life


Pay $16.97 for a lifetime of top-rated ad-blocking on 3 devices.
Take more than $40 off a lifetime of protection from online ads.
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A significant chunk of the internet runs on advertising revenue, so it’s no surprise that you see a lot of it. But let’s face it: Many sites are simply choked with banner ads, pop-ups and intrusive videos that drag down your speed and the overall experience.

It’s getting to the point that many of us don’t even remember what an ad-free internet page looked like. However, AdGuard is one tool you can use to bring back the good old days. And it’s priced down to $16.97 for a very limited time.

Block ads and filter content on all your online devices with Control D


Control ads and filter content with this $39.99 5-year subscription.
Block ads and control content with this $39.99 service that requires no installation.
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When. you’re using your Mac, iPhone or iPad, nothing ruins that clean Apple experience quite like runaway ads and obnoxious pop-ups. Luckily, there’s an easy way to block those on all of your Apple devices: Control D.

Plus, this unique internet service blocks trackers, boosts productivity and gives parents control over their children’s device usage. And you don’t even have to download a thing, because Control D connects to any device on your wireless network.

Right here, you can get a five-year Control D subscription for the best price on the web — just $39.99 (regularly $120).

Block ads and data trackers forever with this top-rated service


Get a lifetime of ad blocking from this top-rated plan.
Get Prime Day-like pricing on this 4.7-star ad blocker.
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Hackers and malicious viruses are very much a concern when you’re on the web, but the biggest threats to your productivity and your privacy come from everyday internet hazards. We’re talking about the hidden bots that track your every online move and turn your data into currency for advertisers and bad actors both big and small.

When it comes to these threats, regular antivirus software won’t cut it. AdGuard is a service that’s specifically designed to deal with both annoying ads and the data crawlers hidden inside them. And it’s now cheaper than ever, thanks to a deep price cut. Get an AdGuard lifetime subscription for just $29.99.

AdGuard can keep you and your family safe online, now only $26.49


AdGuard can keep you and your family safe online, now only $26.49.
Protect your online privacy with an AdGuard Lifetime Subscription, now only $26.49.
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Aside from a certain high-profile football game, it’s hard to think of a time when anyone is happy to see an ad. Companies like Apple know how much you hate those pop-ups and intrusive banners, but you can’t expect big tech to get proactive about curbing them, especially when they’re the internet’s bread and butter.

Luckily, there are ways you can take matters into your own hands. AdGuard is one of the best ad blockers around, and thanks to our Spring Digital Blowout, you can see how big a difference it makes on your own devices. With code SPRING15, you can get the AdGuard lifetime family plan for only $26.49 through April 3.

Get an early Black Friday price on this family-wide ad blocker


Get an early Black Friday price on a lifetime of ad-free browsing for the whole family.
The whole family can browse ad-free with this early Black Friday Deal.
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There’s a lot to love about the internet, but advertisements probably aren’t on your list. Ads are everywhere, and they might even be responsible for some pages loading slowly. Instead of dealing with the delays, you can stop seeing ads online altogether. AdGuard is an advanced ad blocker that also helps keep your information secure, and it’s on sale for $11 during our Black Friday is Every Friday event.

AdGuard is an ad blocker, a VPN and a security app in one — and this deal makes it a steal!


Make your internet a safe place for $30.
This unbeatable deal gets you a lifetime subscription to AdGuard for just $30 -- with a bonus!
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AdGuard combines a potent ad blocker with the best privacy and security features of a virtual private network and a parental-control app. And right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to the AdGuard Family Plan for only $30. Plus, to make this deal even sweeter, it comes with $20 in store credit to spend on other Cult of Mac Deals!

So, basically, 10 bucks for a lifetime of ad-free web browsing with additional privacy and security benefits (and $20 to spend on something else to make your life more joyful and carefree).

Eliminate annoying ads and stay safe online with this all-in-one privacy filter


This devices extends private internet access to all your devices.
Photo: Winston

Life can be really complicated — and protecting your internet connection doesn’t seem to be exempt from that. From fiddling around with complex VPN settings to keeping a watchful eye out for scammers, it can be difficult just to focus on your own productivity or watch some of your favorite videos in your downtime.

If you’re looking for a simple but highly effective solution to protect your internet connection and drown out the noise of advertising, look no further than the Winston Privacy Filter.

Get a VPN, an ad blocker and more in one packed app


Get VPN, malware, ad blocking and other essential digital security tools in one intuitive app.
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As more of our life moves online, security and privacy become more valuable. That’s why we’re big fans of virtual private networks, malware blockers and any other tools that make online life more secure. Luckily, you can get all that and more from one app.