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How to dominate Apple Watch Activity Competitions [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 286]


Accept the challenge and win with these Apple Watch Activity Competition tips.
Accept the challenge!
Cover: Graham Bower and Marty Cortinas/Cult of Mac

If your fitness-freak friend challenges you to an Apple Watch Activity Competition, don’t recoil in horror. Accept the invitation — and crush the contest with these insights and tips.

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How to win Apple Watch Activity Competitions every time


Apple Watch arm wrestling
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Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

Apple Watch Activity Competitions are a perfect way to fall out with friends and colleagues. Simply send a challenge via the Activity app on your watch and, if they accept, a seven-day grudge match commences.

With Activity Competitions, a new feature in watchOS 5, it’s not the taking part that counts. It’s the winning. The winner receives a shiny virtual medal to add to their awards, while the loser gets zip.

Fortunately, when you know how Activity Competitions work, you can maximize your chance of winning every time. Here’s how.