Apple Watch’s ‘Ring in the New Year’ challenge will kickstart your 2020


Start the Roaring Twenties on the right step.
Photo: Apple

This time of year isn’t great for health and fitness. With a constant barrage of holidays, comprising stodgy meals and plenty of snacks, we talk lots about New Year resolutions — but don’t necessarily act on it.

However, your trusty Apple Watch is ready to nudge you in the right direction, courtesy of Apple’s upcoming “Ring in the New Year” challenge. Here’s what you need to know about it:

Apple Watch’s next Activity challenge will get you exercising on Thanksgiving


Apple Watch's next Activity challenge will have exercising on Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is coming.
Photo: Public Domain Pictures/Pixabay CC

Thanksgiving Day is a great time to sit around with family and chow down on delicious food. But you should remember to get your exercise in during the holiday. To offer a bit of added incentive, Apple issued a special Thanksgiving Day Challenge for Apple Watch owners.

Here’s how you can earn it.

Apple Watch Activity Challenge celebrates China’s National Fitness Day


National Fitness Day
Competition is only available in China, sadly. But don't let that stop you exercising!
Photo: Apple

Apple is celebrating China’s National Fitness Day with a new Apple Watch Activity challenge. August 8 was first named National Fitness day in 2009, commemorating the anniversary of the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening.

To complete the National Fitness Day challenge, users will need to record a workout of half an hour or longer.

Apple yoga challenge wants you to get bent today


Yoga Day Activity Challenge
Yoga brings more benefits than just these stickers.
Photo: Apple

It’s the International Day of Yoga, and Apple created a yoga Activity Challenge to urge Apple Watch wearers to participate.

The reward is three stickers to be that can be used in Messages and FaceTime. Also, you’ll be more flexible from doing yoga.

iOS 12 accidentally removes select Apple Watch Activity badges


Activity badges for Apple Watch challenges
iOS 12's collection of "limited edition" Activity challenge badges is missing a few awards.
Screenshot: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

With the release of iOS 12 earlier this week, Apple made broad sweeping improvements to the OS. Unfortunately, the update also came with a small bug for fitness zealots sporting a cabinet full of limited edition Activity challenge badges. If that just described your Apple Watch badge collection, you can cool your cycling shorts, everything will be ok.

Apple celebrates national parks with Apple Pay, Apple Watch


Apple Watch national parks
Get our there and earn your special award on September 1.
Photo: Apple

Apple is helping fans support and enjoy America’s national parks with a new Apple Pay donation program and Apple Watch Activity Challenge.

Apple will donate $1 to the National Park Foundation every time Apple Pay is used in its stores, on, or in the Apple Store app between August 24 and August 31. It will also reward Watch wearers with special badges for completing National Park events.