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iPhone can tell if you’re too drunk to drive


iPhone breathalyzer: Study shows that smartphone sensors can identify drunk drivers.
Have you had one too many? Your iPhone might be able to answer that question.
Photo: Joseph Pisicchio/Unsplash CC

The accelerometer built into a standard smartphone can determine with great accuracy if the person carrying the device is drunk, according to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh.

If used in the real world, the finding could lead to iPhones that warn their owners before they get behind the wheel intoxicated.

Apple plans to limit accelerometer and gyroscope access in Safari for iOS


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You might not be stuck with Safari for much longer.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple plans to limit Safari’s access to the accelerometer and gyroscope inside your iOS device in an upcoming software update.

iOS 12.2 will prevent websites from having access to motion data by default, rendering certain content unusable — even on Apple’s own website. Users will be able to change this inside Safari’s settings, however.

New Tests Point to Multiple Issues With iPhone 5s Sensors



Reports of inaccurate motion sensors in the iPhone 5s continue to grow. As reported last week on Cult of Mac, there appear to be widespread problems with the 5s’ compass, gyroscope and accelerometer.

The original forum thread at MacRumors is now at a whopping 19 pages of user reports, and Apple has yet to respond to Cult of Mac’s repeated requests for information.

This morning, Gizmodo conducted its own tests and found the iPhone 5s motion sensors to be “totally screwed up.”

Looks like the problem is far more widespread than the naysayers on our original post, and on the MacRumors thread, are willing to admit.

How Instagram Intelligently Straightens The Wonky Photos Taken On Your iPhone



There’s a nifty image editing feature inside Instagram for iPhone that helps you quickly straighten out wonky images before you upload them. It’s fast, and it seems to do a great job of straightening out your photo without any manual tweaking.

That’s thanks to Instagram’s intelligent correction technology, which uses data captured by your iPhone’s internal sensors to establish the orientation of your device when your image was taken.

You Won’t Believe How Much Crazy Science & Microscopic Tech Is Crammed Into Your iPhone’s Accelerometer [Video]


Your iPhone's accelerometer only costs sixty-five cents, but it's packed with cool tech.
Your iPhone's accelerometer only costs sixty-five cents, but it's packed with cool tech.

Have you ever wondered how your iPhone knows up from down, or when you’re shaking it? It’s all because of the tiny accelerometer chip inside the device, but how does it work? It’s not like the iPhone’s got a metal ball bearing rolling between two points in there, so what gives?

As it turns out, there’s actually a lot of crazy cool tech in there.