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Lincoln’s Dilemma delivers a compelling history lesson [Apple TV+ review]


Lincoln's Dilemma review: Apple TV+ Abraham Lincoln documentary offers fresh look at the Great Emancipator.
The new documentary offers a fresh look at the Great Emancipator.
Photo: Apple TV+

New Apple TV+ docu-series Lincoln’s Dilemma delivers a fine history lesson in classical PBS form. The four-part series, which premieres today, brings you the story of Lincoln’s presidency and the ways in which he approached the issue of slavery, from his first dealings with the issue until his death at the hands of a Confederate sympathizer.

Stewarded by executive producer/directors Jacqueline Olive and Barak Goodman, executive producer Jelani Cobb and a host of historians and activists, the series’ form is likely too sturdy and utilitarian to change the way anyone views Lincoln.

However, the filmmakers’ intent is admirable. They set out to neither oversell nor undersell Lincoln and his views on slavery, how history has sought to simplify the political figures of the 1860s, and how the Great Emancipator was and was not an adequate moniker for the 16th president of the United States.

New Apple TV+ series details desperate hunt for assassin John Wilkes Booth


“Manhunt” is created by writer/producer Monica Beletsky and stars Tobias Menzies.
“Manhunt” is created by writer/producer Monica Beletsky and stars Tobias Menzies.
Photo: Apple TV+

Many people know John Wilkes Booth shot President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., in 1865. But not everyone knows a desperate, 12-day chase ensued to capture the killer. Apple TV+ said Wednesday it ordered a limited series called Manhunt — part true crime, part historical fiction — to tell that tale.

These Wacky Presidential Wallpapers Will Help You Celebrate Election Day With Style [Gallery]


JFK Alien Hunter

No matter which presidential candidate you’re voting for, today is a day to be proud for America. As Americans across the country come together to decide the direction of the country, we should relish the freedom we have to vote and elect a new president every four years. Democracy is one of the greatest aspects of the good ‘ole U.S.A.

Politics surrounding elections are always crazy, so we think the best way to celebrate Election Day is a bunch of wallpapers showing famous American presidents and historical figures doing crazy things as they fight for America’s freedom (literally). Check ’em out. Download them to your iPad or iPhone, and get out and vote. 

Presidential Playlist: Imagining Abe Lincoln’s iPod



Geting creative with a slow news day, NPR convinced classical music expert Miles Hoffman to create an iPod playlist for Honest Abe in honor of President’s Day.

Hoffman’s picks include:

Friedrich von Flotow: “Ach so fromm” from Martha, a love song from an opera that Lincoln liked.

Louis Moreau Gottschalk: The Union, a Fantasy on Patriotic Airs,

Traditional Scottish: “Annie Laurie”

“I Wish I Was in Dixie’s Land” (Bob ‘n’ John Minstrels)

If “Dixie” comes as a surprise, Hoffman says it shouldn’t: “It had already been a popular song before the Civil War and came from a minstrel show.”

Lincoln had been quoted as saying, ‘I have always thought “Dixie” one of the best tunes I have ever heard.’ ”

“After the war,” Hoffman adds, “Lincoln is reported to have said, ‘That tune is now federal property, and it is good to show the rebels that, with us in power, they will be free to hear it again.’ ”

Check out the podcast to hear them all.