A15 Bionic

A15 Bionic finally gets real competition from an unlikely source


MediaTek rivals A15 Bionic
Another blow to Qualcomm.
Image: MediaTek

MediaTek looks set to become the first mobile chipmaker to finally give iPhone 13’s A15 Bionic chip a run for its money in processing performance.

The Taiwanese company’s new Dimensity 9000 chipset, announced late last year, is yet to make its way into an Android device. But early benchmarks suggest it will easily outpace rivals from Google, Samsung and Qualcomm.

iPhone SE 3 review roundup: Ample power combined with aging features


iPhone SE
iPhone SE 3 is exactly what you would expect from a new iPhone SE.
Photo: Apple

With less than a week to go until Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE makes its official debut, the first reviews are out. They have plenty of great things to say about Cupertino’s most affordable handset — and more than a few complaints.

While everyone is praising the handset’s super-speedy A15 Bionic, welcome 5G connectivity, and even its single 12-megapixel camera, most reviewers agree that its “tired design” is in dire need of a refresh.

iPhone SE 3 matches iPhone 13 in early benchmark tests


iPhone SE 3 benchmark tests
Small but mighty.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s new third-generation iPhone SE, which starts at just $429, is just as impressive as iPhone 13 in early benchmark tests.

That won’t be too surprising to most, given that both handsets feature Apple’s latest A15 Bionic processor and the same 4GB of RAM. But it all but confirms that the chipset isn’t held back at all — despite iPhone SE’s smaller battery.

iPhone SE 3 upgrades could include MagSafe and Ceramic Shield glass


iPhone SE
And it could still start at just $399.
Image: Apple

The third-generation iPhone SE, which could make its first appearance at the big Peek Performance event later today, may be the first entry-level Apple handset with MagSafe support and a Ceramic Shield display.

That’s according to the most recent rumor, which also claims iPhone SE 3 will offer improved battery life and a better camera for the same $399.

iPhone SE 3 to pack 5G, A15 chip, up to 256GB storage


Yes, it will look just like the last iPhone SE.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE will pack 5G connectivity, a super-speedy A15 chipset and up to 256GB of storage, according to last-minute predictions from an analyst who proved reliable in the past.

Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities also provided details on the handset’s predicted design and color options in a rare Twitter post.

iPhone 13 whips Samsung Galaxy S22 in performance tests


iPhone 13 whips Samsung Galaxy S22 in performance tests
No doubt about it, the iPhone 13 is way faster than the Galaxy S22.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has the best chip available for an Android smartphone, but it can’t keep up with Apple’s A-series processor in the iPhone 13 series. Apple’s flagship solidly beats Samsung’s new top-tier models in benchmark tests. It isn’t even close.

And this is despite the iPhone 13 coming out months ago.

iPhone SE 3 could steal iPhone XR’s design but miss out on Face ID


iPhone XR performance is stellar, far better than many Android devices that cost more.
It would be a big upgrade for Apple's low-cost smartphone.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE may ship with a new design after all, with a new report claiming the low-cost device will look a lot like iPhone XR.

It is expected to get a much larger 6.1-inch display with significantly slimmer bezels. But unlike iPhone XR, it could ship with Touch ID integrated into its power button, rather than Face ID. It may also be Apple’s last LCD iPhone.

2022 iPhone SE could pack 5G and A15 chip, but don’t expect a new design


2020 iPhone SE supports all Apple services.
All iPhone models could have 5G capabilities in 2022.
Photo: Apple

Apple will bring super-speedy 5G connectivity and its latest A15 Bionic chip to iPhone SE in 2022, but fans shouldn’t expect a new design, one report claims.

The new “budget” device is expected to carry the same look it borrows from iPhone 8, with the same 4.7-inch LCD display and a Home button with Touch ID. But it will mean every iPhone in Apple’s lineup features 5G capabilities.

A15 Bionic chip is even better than Apple claims


iPhone 13 Pro
Good luck, Qualcomm.
Photo: Apple

It’s great when a company releases a product that meets its expectations. It’s even better when it exceeds them. But that’s what you can expect when you buy a new Apple device with the latest A15 Bionic chip.

Independent tests confirm that the A15, which can be found inside iPhone 13 and the newest iPad mini, is even more impressive than Apple led us to believe, easily outpacing the newest mobile chips from the competition.

iPhone 13 review roundup: Stellar displays, cracking cameras, outstanding battery life


Apple California Streaming event: iPhone 13 comes in an array of five colors.
But should you upgrade?
Photo: Apple

If you still can’t decide whether you want to upgrade to iPhone 13 or 13 Pro, perhaps some early feedback from reviewers will help. Unsurprisingly, they all have good things to say about Apple’s newest handsets, which pack big camera upgrades, better battery life, even faster A15 Bionic chips, and wonderfully smooth ProMotion displays (if you buy a Pro model).

But most agree that the changes don’t break new ground for iPhone, so you might be happy to stick with what you already have. But are the 2021 iPhones really “the most incremental update ever,” as The New York Times writes? Here’s our iPhone 13 review roundup.

iPad mini’s new A15 Bionic chip isn’t as fast as iPhone 13’s


2021 iPad mini
It's still a little beast, of course.
Photo: Apple

The 2021 iPad mini packs the same A15 Bionic chip that powers the new iPhone 13 lineup, but with one big difference. Early benchmarks reveal Apple reduced the clock speed of the A15 inside its newest compact tablet.

As a result, processor performance in benchmark tests doesn’t score quite as high.

Why you should go Pro with iPhone 13


Drake iPhone 13 Pro meme
iPhone 13 Pro is worth the extra $200.
Image: Cult of Mac

If you’re planning to upgrade to iPhone 13 this year, you should probably spend the extra cash on iPhone 13 Pro. This year’s refresh widens the gap between the different iPhone models on offer — and makes going Pro an even better decision than in previous generations.

It’s not just new camera tricks and a nicer design you get for your money, like with iPhone 12 Pro last year. With iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max, you’ll also enjoy a smoother-than-butter ProMotion display, and an even more powerful A15 Bionic processor.

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max bring 120Hz displays, big camera upgrades


iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 is faster and more improved in so many ways.
Photo: Apple

The wait for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max is over. At an event in California on Tuesday, Apple unveiled its newest flagships with faster ProMotion displays that can reach 120Hz, an even faster A15 Bionic chipset, and big camera improvements for both photos and videos.

This year’s refresh also adds a 1TB storage option for iPhone 13 Pro models and finally shrinks the notch above their screen. You can preorder yours starting Friday, September 17 before the new iPhone lineup makes its official debut one week later on September 24.

iPhone 13 could bring ProMotion display, camera upgrades, smaller notch


Dickson's dummies show small changes to four possible iPhone 13 models.
More than just an incremental upgrade.
Photo: Sonny Dickson

This year’s iPhone refresh could be a lot more exciting than the incremental upgrades we’ve seen in previous years. A new report claims Apple’s next-generation smartphone lineup — which could be called iPhone 13 — will bring faster ProMotion displays, pro camera upgrades, and a smaller notch.