A13 Bionic chip boosts iPhone battery life without sacrificing performance


Apple A13 Bionic processor
The ultra-fast A13 Bionic processor is used in all iPhone 11 series models.
Screenshot: Apple

It’s no surprise that the Apple A13 Bionic processor in all three iPhone 11 series models is faster than last year’s A12, but what many people might not be expecting is its energy efficiency helps to significantly increase the battery lives of the 2019 iOS handsets.

New iPhone 11 processor should smoke Android’s best


TSMC 7nm processor
Transistors just 7nm apart are the secret of the Apple A13’s speed.
Photo: TSMC

This fall’s iPhone models will supposedly include a processor able to outperform any Android handset. It apparently won’t be just a little bit better, either. The source for this unconfirmed report on the A13 chip says it will offer “a one-year advantage” in graphics performance. Multi-core performance supposedly will get a large boost, too.

TSMC is working on sequel to Apple’s celebrated A12 Bionic chip


Gather_Round_A12Bionic 2
TSMC is getting ready to start A13 chip production.
Photo: Apple

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will remain the exclusive iPhone chip supplier for the 2019 era iPhones, a new report confirms. TSMC has been making Apple’s A-series mobile chips since 2016, making it no surprise that the company would be offered the contract for yet another year.