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Nokia Says Their Crazy 41MP Symbian Phone Also Trounces iPhone In Audio Recording



When we saw Nokia’s 808 PureView at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we were grudgingly — but decidedly — impressed. Nokia’s 41MP+ camera phone seemed like a joke at first blush, but using satellite imaging technology and pixel oversampling, Nokia has managed to get SLR-quality shots out of a cameraphone. It simply blows the iPhone 4S’s camera out of the water.

But is the 808 PureView just a great camera strapped to a mediocre phone? Not entirely. Sure, as an actual device, the iPhone 4S is leaps and bounds above the Symbian (!) based 808 PureView, but if you want a great multimedia recording device in your pocket that’s also a phone, the 808 PureView comes out ahead.