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ISO500 Is A Beautiful iPhone App For Browsing 500px



As Flickr is to Instagram, so 500px is to Flickr. 500px is a photo-sharing site that focusses (huh…) on showing only your best pictures. To this end the website and various apps bring beautiful hi-res images to your iDevices (it’s especially good on the Retina iPad), and the account upgrade options are geared towards professional portfolios.

But the quality of the official apps hasn’t deterred the folks behind ISO500, a brand-new iPhone app which brings a super-minimal interface to the 500PX site. And, like 500px itself, the app is free. Mostly.

Tumblr iOS App Follows Vine and 500px Into 17+ Rating Territory


Buttons like this just make kids want to press it.
Buttons like this just make kids want to press it.

The Tumblr iOS app updated about three hours ago, stating “small bug fixes” as what’s new in the app. This move comes shortly after 500px app was pulled from the app store, only to return with a 17+ rating, and Twitter-owned Vine got some flack as well.

What’s not listed in the App description is that version 3.2.4 of the Tumblr app is now rated for people 17+, and users will need to click through a dialog that says they are old enough to use the app. Because that totally works.

500px Returns To The App Store, Now Rated 17+


The national porn nightmare is over, apparently.

It’s back! 500px — the photo sharing app that was yanked from the App Store last week for letting users check out artful, non-pornographic nudes — has returned to the App Store, with some changes to keep genitalia and nipples away from impressionable eyes.