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iPhone 4S and 3G iPod Touch Will Be The Only Devices Announced Next Month [Report]



This morning we told you about the report that Apple was set to unveil the iPhone 5 at its next media event on October 4th. What the report didn’t address was the iPhone 4S rumor and how the rumors of two new iPhone models fit into the puzzle.

Reportedly, Apple will only unveil one iPhone this year, and it won’t be the mysterious, ‘teardrop’ iPhone 5 that we’ve all been hoping for.

Why Would Apple Do A 3G iPod Touch When They Can Do A Prepaid iPhone 4 Instead? [Opinion]



While the industry eagerly awaits Apple next’s media event, AppleNApps has dusted off the rumor that Apple will introduce a 3G iPod touch this Fall to compete with the prepaid market. Although a cheap, data-based, VoIP-intensive iPhone would definitely shake up the prepaid niche, such a product would also define a new category of mobile handsets — and that’s something that Apple has been known to do.