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Concept ad shows the magic of 6.1-inch iPhone 9


Here's what the advertising for the iPhone 9 might look like.
Here's what the advertising for the iPhone 9 might look like.
Screenshot: Lee Gungho

The 6.1-inch iPhone that’s expected to be unveiled next week has the potential to become Apple’s top seller.   Advertising will play a big part of making it so, and a clever graphic artist went ahead and created a TV ad for this upcoming large but inexpensive iOS smartphone.

Watch it now:

Don’t buy an iPhone!


This could be the iPhone XS Plus and iPhone XS, Apple's 2018 iPhone models.
Get ready for iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.
Photo: Lee Gunho

Don’t worry, this isn’t an anti-iPhone rant. You should buy Apple’s smartphones, just not right now. Try to hold out a few weeks if your current one is dying or even if it’s dead. That’s because the release of the 2018 iPhone models is just around the corner.

There’ll be some big new versions released. And even if you want something that’s already available, it could become more affordable in just a week or so.

Apple A12 chip brings huge gains to performance and battery life


A tweaked image of the A11 suggests what the improved Apple 12 princessor could look like.
A tweaked image of the A11 suggests what the improved Apple 12 processor could look like.

The A11 Bionic chip from last year makes the iPhone X run faster than the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. And now Apple is about to release the A12, a replacement with even quicker performance. 

A switch to a better manufacturing process will bring some of those performance increases, while at the same time using less power. And other improvements are expected to further boost the speed.

2018 iPhone might not work with Apple Pencil after all [Updated]


Apple Pencil is the ultimate iPad accessory.
There are a lot of people hoping the next iPhone models will work with the Apple Pencil, but a prominent analyst says no.
Photo: Apple

A respected analyst just threw cold water on the reports that the Apple Pencil will work with next month’s iPhone models.

This contradicts several sources that pointed to support for Apple’s pressure-sensitive stylus being added to the 2018 iPhones. So we’re left guessing which is correct.

Apple might drop ‘Plus’ iPhone naming scheme


6.1-inch 2018 iPhone concept image
Apple might kill its "Plus" models.
Photo: OnLeaks

The 2018 iPhone lineup might be missing a “Plus” model when all three new iPhones are unveiled at the Steve Jobs Theater early next month.

Apple’s marketing team has reportedly been considering whether or not to ditch the Plus suffix that has been used on larger display iPhones ever since the iPhone 6 Plus came out in 2014.

We may finally know AirPower price


AirPower won’t be cheap when it finally launches.
Photo: Apple

The long-awaited launch of Apple’s AirPower wireless charging pad may coincide with the launch of the 2018 iPhone lineup.

Based on a new report out of Asia, Apple engineers are in the debugging phase of the AirPower rollout. The product may not launch on the exact same day as the 2018 iPhones, but a Chinese site claims to know the planned price. And it’s not going to be cheap.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 prepares to face the 2018 iPhones


The Galaxy Note 9 will have to face not just the iPhone X, but also the models Apple will launch next month.
The Galaxy Note 9 will have to stand up to not only the iPhone X, but also the models Apple will launch next month.
Photo: Apple/Samsung/MobileFun

This spring’s Galaxy S9 hasn’t sold all that well, so Samsung is pinning its hopes on the Galaxy Note 9, just announced this morning.

This 6.4-inch Android device will have to compete with the iPhone X, and also the new smartphones Apple will introduce in a few weeks. Let’s see how it compares.

‘iPhone 9’ leak hints at big camera improvements


iPhone 9 camera leak
iPhone 9 could pack Apple's best camera yet.
Photo: Slashleaks

You’ll miss out on a secondary rear-facing camera if you opt for the more affordable “iPhone 9” this fall, but the single sensor you will get could be Apple’s best yet.

An apparent spy shot of the device corroborates claims that it will pack an even larger camera lens for snapping better photos and videos. You can also expect optical image stabilization for enhanced low-light performance.

Virus briefly halts production at iPhone chip-maker TSMC


Apple A12 replaces A11 Bionic
TSMC, the company that manufactures all iPhone and iPad processors, including the A11, had a serious virus problem this weekend.
Photo: iFixit

A computer virus infected the fabrication tools and computers at TSMC’s factories that are likely producing Apple’s next-generation iPhone processors. 

The company is still cleaning the malware off its equipment, but expects to be finished by tomorrow.