Apple really wants iPad Pro to be your next computer


Raw power comes up in Apple’s new video called 5 Reasons iPad Pro can be your next computer.
Better performance than most laptops comes up in Apple’s new video called 5 Reasons iPad Pro can be your next computer.
Screenshot: Apple

In a previous iPad advertisement, Apple famously asked “What’s a computer?” The company has taken a step past that with its latest ad that urges people to make an iPad Pro their next computer.

The less-than-a-minute video goes on to delineate some of the capabilities of the latest iOS tablet.

Watch it now:

RødeCaster Pro is the perfect box for iOS podcasters


The RødeCaster Pro bundles everything you need to record a podcast in one box.
Everything you need to record a podcast, in one box.
Photo: Røde

Podcasting on iOS is perfectly feasible, as long as you don’t want to use Skype or FaceTime to talk and record the audio at the same time. The new RødeCaster Pro mixer/recorder neatly sidesteps this issue, as well as putting everything a podcaster might need into one sturdy box. And because the hardware is made by Røde, it’s probably pretty good.

Brydge taunts us with iPad Pro keyboard we can’t have


An iPad trackpad?! Too bad it’s only a dream.
An iPad trackpad?! Too bad it’s only a dream.
Photo: Brydge

An accessory maker shared a picture of something many people would love: a clip-on iPad Pro keyboard with a trackpad. Sadly, Brydge’s concept device just isn’t possible because iOS doesn’t support external pointing devices.

At least, that’s true for now. But mouse/trackpad support is a often-requested feature, and there’s reason to think Apple is at least considering it.

One wonderful week with the new iPad Pro [Cult of Mac Magazine]


What did we do before this wonderful thing arrived? One week with the 2018 iPad Pro.
What did we do before this wonderful thing arrived?
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Seven sinfully satisfying days. That’s what the Cult of Mac staffers who ponied up for the new iPad Pro describe as they recount their first wonderful week with the stunning Apple tablet. (Even the ones who still think it’s not really a legit laptop replacement are swooning.)

You’ll find those sober assessments, plus new how-tos and reviews, in this week’s issue of Cult of Mac Magazine. Pick up your free subscription on iTunes now. Or, if you like, read on for the week’s best stories.

Spoiler alert: Our free iOS mag is going to look better than ever if you’re one of the lucky ones reading it on a new iPad Pro.

12.9-inch iPad Pro teardown video reveals smaller battery


Disassembling an iPad Pro isn’t for the faint of heart.
Disassembling an iPad Pro isn’t for the faint of heart.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s latest tablet isn’t easy to take apart, even for experts. A video teardown by iFixit documents the difficulties that come from 12.9-inch iPad Pro components held in with tiny screws and glue. Lots of glue.

Still, the hard work revealed some interesting details about the new computer, including the size of its battery.

Apple’s new iPad Pro keyboard case is slim but pricey [Review]


The Smart Keyboard Folio turns the iPad into a laptop, but there are better options.
The Smart Keyboard Folio turns the 2018 iPad Pro into a notebook.
Photo: Andrea Nepori

Anyone planning to use a 2018 iPad Pro for business probably needs an add-on keyboard. Apple’s own offering in this category is the Smart Keyboard Folio, which wraps tightly around this new tablet, both protecting it and providing the text input method so many of us depend on.

Because it’s made by Apple, nearly everyone who buys an iPad Pro considers getting this accessory, but the price will give you reason to pause.

We put one through extensive testing to help you decide if it’s right for you.

We finally know all the 2018 iPad Pro specs


2018 iPad Pro Smart Keyboard
Processor speed and RAM complete the list of 2018 iPad Pro specs.
Photo: Apple

The last specifications of the new iPad Pro models just recently came to light. Apple unveiled this model at the end of last month but there are some very important  technical details this company never reveals about iOS devices: processor speed and RAM. It’s up to the public to find them out.

On top of that, a technical glitch in a popular benchmarking app kept the exact speed of the tablet unknown to most even after it was in customer hands. But no more.

Satechi’s new USB-C hub adds the ports iPad Pro needs most


Satechi's iPad Pro USB-C hub packs four commonly used ports.
Get real work done on your iPad Pro.
Photo: Satechi

Satechi just unveiled a USB-C hub designed specifically for the new iPad Pro.  It sits flush with the side of the tablet and includes ports for video, headphones, and more.

It doesn’t go overboard with ports though, and the casing on this upcoming accessory is aluminum for extra durability. 

Aluminum keyboard is a perfect match for new iPad Pro


Brydge for 2018 iPad Pro makes this tablet into a notebook.
Brydge for 2018 iPad Pro makes this tablet into a notebook.
Photo: Brydge

New aluminum iPad Pro keyboards from Brydge fully embrace the concept of turning the tablet into a laptop.

The company is teasing the clip-on keyboards with images that show off their beautiful all-aluminum casings and backlit keys.

Apple Pencil 2 requires a $1,000 charger


An iPad Pro case can prevent your Apple Pencil from charging.
Be sure to store the Apple Pencil on the side of the iPad Pro.
Photo: Apple

The second-generation Apple Pencil has to recharge from a 2018 iPad Pro. No other method is possible. This meands people will have to depend on magnets securely holding this $129 stylus to the side of their tablet because there isn’t any other option.

People criticized the original Pencil’s method of recharging, but it turns out its replacement isn’t perfect either.