MacBooks may be in short supply after March


The MacBook Pro has a Touch Bar, and a better display.
The coronavirus outbreak means it isn’t a good time to procrastinate on a MacBook purchase.
Photo: Apple

Now might be the best time to buy that MacBook you’ve been considering. Factory shutdowns in China because of the coronavirus outbreak will reportedly lead to shortages of components needed to make laptops.

iPad smart cover could get backlit scissor-switch keys in 2020


iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard
Scissor-switch keyboards might be coming to the iPad.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s smart keyboard cover for the iPad could get a major design upgrade in 2020.

Digitimes reported today that Apple may release an updated keyboard for the tablets featuring the new scissor-switch design that resolved Apple’s keyboard woes on the last few generations of MacBook Pros.

Unreleased ‘Pro Mode’ may bring performance boost to MacBooks


Bag yours before they disappear.
Photo: Apple

Apple is working on a new software feature for macOS that can crank Macs’ processing powers into overdrive. References spotted by 9to5Mac in the latest macOS Catalina beta mention a new “Pro Mode.” Details on how Pro Mode will work remain hazy. However, a few lines of code hint that it might only be available on MacBooks.

Why I returned my amazing 16-inch MacBook Pro


MacBook Pro review
Why did I return this beautiful beast?
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

At the end of November last year, I took delivery of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. Around a month later, thanks to Apple’s generous holiday return policy, I returned it. You can read my first impressions, but they mostly remain the same after a month of use. In short, it’s a fantastic MacBook. But in my conclusion, I wrote this:

But really, this Mac is fantastic. My Cult of Mac colleagues tease me that I buy Apple gear, and then immediately send it back. This new MacBook is staying with me.

So, what went wrong?

Big change coming to MacBook Pro and we reveal our Gear of the Year, on The CultCast


CultCast 417
A welcome change may be coming to MacBook Pro and iPad...
Photo: @YSR50

This week on The CultCast: Apple is readying a new display technology that could bring a huge change for MacBook Pro and iPad; our favorite Black Friday hauls; and it’s time for our favorite Gear of the Year! Plus our favorite movies, TV shows, and all the other stuff we loved most in 2019. It’s a party and you’re invited.

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The 16-inch MacBook Pro, reviewed! [Cult of Mac Magazine 324]


The 16-inch MacBook Pro review is in!
Our 16-inch MacBook Pro review is in!
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Remember that butterfly keyboard we hated? All is forgiven, Apple, thanks to that gorgeous new MacBook Pro we’re swooning over.

Or almost all. Our reviewer likes the laptop’s Magic Keyboard and loves the Touch Bar (shocker!). But there’s one thing that could be better. You’ll need to read Charlie Sorrel’s 16-inch MacBook Pro review to find out the one feature he’s not a fan of.

Get his loving critique, plus plenty of other MacBook Pro news, in this week’s issue of Cult of Mac Magazine. Grab it from the App Store and enjoy it on your iPad. You’ll also find the week’s best Apple news, reviews and how-tos in your free mag (and below).

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is amazing, but it’s still a Mac [Review]


MacBook Pro review
It's about time!
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

There’s a great Steve Jobs story that somehow seems relevant in a 2019 MacBook Pro review. You probably know it, but I’ll tell it anyway. After the iPad launch, Jobs supposedly walked into a meeting with the Mac team, carrying an iPad. He woke up the iPad, which happened instantaneously. Then he woke up a Mac, which took a while to come out of sleep. Then he asked something like, “Why doesn’t this do that?”

Today, he might take the iPad Pro, and the brand new top-of-the-line MacBook Pro, start them both editing a few images, and wait for the fans to spin up on the Mac. While it cranks up to leaf-blower levels, he’d point at the silent iPad, and make some scathing quip.

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is an incredible computer that’s let down by the red-hot Intel chips inside. Apple’s cool, fast, super-powerful A-series ARM chips can’t come to the Mac soon enough. Using this Intel machine after using an ARM-powered iPad for several years, the Mac feels like there’s something wrong with it. And yet, barely 24 hours into owning one, I absolutely love it.

The impressive power of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, plus Apple’s December event, this week on The CultCast


CultCast 415
Surprise! Apple's got another event scheduled for December 2nd.

This week on The CultCast: Everything you need to know about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro! Plus our first impressions of this hot new machine. And we discuss Disney+, and why it may beat Netflix and Amazon as the best streaming service available.

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