This War of Mine brings the horrors of conflict to your iPad


Make difficult choices in this compelling survival game, now on iPad.
Make difficult choices in this compelling survival game, now on iPad.
Photo: 11 bit studios

Phenomenal survival game, This War of Mine, is now available on your iPad (and select Android tablets).

The team did a fantastic job of creating the atmosphere of war from the perspective of the civilian’s caught up in it. The game’s visuals, music and play mechanics all work together to create an utterly compelling experience as a non-combatant trapped in a war zone, hungry and vulnerable.

It’s something every one should play, and now that it’s on sale for mobile tablets, everyone can. Check out the launch trailer below.

Anomaly 2 Is Out Now, Brings Tower Defense, Offense To Your Mac



So, the game we’ve been telling you about since before it even had a name is out now for Mac, PC, and Linux, and it looks as good as the developers promised. It’s a sequel to Anomaly Warzone Earth, originally released on iOS, and it will only cost you $13.49 for the first week after launch. You can grab it on Steam, or Anomaly2Game should you so desire. And really, it’s a pretty desirable game.

Warsaw, Poland-based 11 bit studios kicked things off last February when they announced a mystery game that you could purchase before you even knew what it was, and then announced the name of the game not too long after.

Well, here we are, and there it is, ready for you to grab for less than a decently sized pizza at 10 percent off the eventual retail price of $15.

11 bit Studios Announces Anomaly 2 For Mac – Trailer And Dev Diary Online



A couple of weeks ago, 11 bit studios (Anomaly Warzone Earth, Anomaly Korea) asked us all to pre-order its next game at half price, sight unseen. Well, the time has come to lift the curtain on that mystery game.

Anomaly 2 is planned for a Q2 2013 release on Mac, PC and Linux, bringing the sci-fi strategy series started on iOS to desktop computers for the first time. Along with the announcement, the development team has released a preview trailer (above) and developer diary, the latter of which is a very honest look at what it takes to make an independent game these days.

11 Bit Studios Announces Three New iOS, Mac Games At Gamescom


Anomaly Korea

11 Bit Studios has had some success with Anomaly Warzone Earth, a real-time “tower offense” game that was originally released on Mac in April of 2011, then iOS in August of that same year. The company also released the game as an Xbox Live Arcade title the following April, and has a version of the title coming to the PlayStation Network soon.

This year at Gamescom, the big European video gaming conference, 11 Bit Studios announced a sequel, called Anomaly Warzone, and two new games, all coming to Mac and iOS as well as PC and Android, in the coming months.