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Drift HD Ghost Looks Like One of The Most Fully-Loaded Action Cams We’ve Seen



Unlike some of the other newcomers to the quickly growing action-cam party (Sony, we’re looking at you), Drift has been making robust little video cameras for a while now. Their latest incarnation is the 1080p Drift HD Ghost, which looks like it’s been packaged with everything but the kitchen sink — including a large built-in screen and a wearable remote.

Make Your Trailers App Play In Glorious 1080p All The Time On Your iPad or iPhone [iOS Tips]



I love movie trailers. I can while away a ton of time just tapping through new trailers via iOS’s universal iTunes Trailers app, checking out all the movies I’d like to see. It’s pure eye-candy, and usually contains most of the good stuff from movies, without all the annoying filler (I kid, I kid–sort of).

Of course, one of the (many) guilty pleasures of owning a new iPad is the super high resolution it affords. When playing movie trailers, then, why not be sure to have your iPad default to the 1080p High Definition when you’re watching the latest Cloud Atlas trailer, for example? Why not, indeed! Here’s how.

The 1080p Apple TV Is Dual-Core After All… Technically.


Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 3.07.56 PM

When Apple first debuted the new 1080p Apple TV in March, they said they’d brought their set-top box up to spec with the rest of the industry by including what they called a “single-core variant” of the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S’s A5 processor.

But how is it an A5 processor if only has one core? The answer is that technically, the A5 inside the Apple TV is still a dual-core chip, but one of them’s a dud.

Apple TV Packs Custom A5 Chip


The new Apple TV gets its own custom chip
The new Apple TV gets its own custom chip

Tim Cook kind of rushed past the Apple TV update yesterday. On the surface of things, not much changed: 1080p was the only real new feature, as the new iOS-like interface and Netflix sign-up are also available on older Apple TVs via update. But under the hood, the little black box is powered by a custom single-core A5 chip.

Apple TV To Get Refresh At March iPad 3 Announcement [Rumor]


apple tv

With Apple expected to announce the iPad 3 during the first week of March, rumors regarding the upcoming tablet have reached a fever pitch. Little attention has been given to the Apple TV, besides the occasional ‘iTV’ rumor and pundit speculation.

Supply shortages across several key retailers suggest that Apple’s set-top box will be seeing a significant update within the next few weeks.

AppleTV can play (but not output) 1080p content



One rather mystifying omission from the new AppleTV’s feature set is the fact that it does not seemingly have the ability to play 1080p video. That’s a crock: hardwarewise, the new AppleTV is more than capable of 1080p, because the iPhone 3GS was capable of it, and it didn’t even have an A4 CPU to draw upon. The second-gen ATV should be more than up for the task if that lesser platform could manage it.

And, as it turns out, it is.