Share buybacks mean that Apple hasn’t actually reclaimed $1 trillion crown


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There's still a bit more that Apple needs to do.
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Yesterday, numerous news outlets (including ourselves, based on data from Yahoo Finance) reported that Apple had reclaimed its $1 trillion crown.

However, a filing made late Wednesday reveals that Apple has not actually hit that milestone just yet. A company’s market cap is calculated by multiplying a company’s outstanding shares by the market price of one share. As a result of Apple’s continuing share buyback program, there are fewer outstanding shares available.

Apple is valued at $1 trillion once more


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That sound you hear is glasses clinking in Cupertino!
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Apple has won back its hard-fought $1 trillion market cap, after share prices rose following yesterday’s earnings triumph.

AAPL is currently trading at $213.20, giving it a market cap of just over $1 trillion. Shares rose 6% in early morning trading. This is a particularly triumphant moment for Apple after its stock price temporarily tanked at the end of last year.

Apple temporarily loses its $1 trillion market cap


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Apple made a whole lot of money, but not enough for some investors.
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There was a lot to be enthusiastic about from yesterday’s Apple earnings, but some investors are rattled by weaker-than-expected iPhone sales.

As a result, Apple’s valuation dipped below the $1 trillion mark for the first time since the company hit that milestone earlier this year. The slide could well continue in the early part of today.

Amazon becomes the next $1 trillion company after Apple


$1 trillion
Amazon became only the second company, behind Apple, to reach the $1 trillion market valuation.
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Amazon became the second member of the $1 Trillion Club this morning – then left it after stock prices dipped.

Amazon crossed the threshold at $2050.27, five weeks after Apple was first to reach $1 trillion. By early afternoon, Amazon shares were trading at $2,035.64.

Watch out, Apple: Amazon could be worth $2.5 trillion by 2024


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a lot to be cheerful about!
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Apple may have pipped Amazon to the post by being the first company to hit $1 trillion (despite some predictions to the contrary), but Amazon has nothing but good things in its future.

According to a new report from MKM Partners, by 2024 — roughly five years from now — Amazon could be valued at a whopping $2.5 trillion. Amazon Web Services alone could, meanwhile, be valued at a whopping $1 trillion, approximately the same valuation Apple holds today.

Amazon is closing in on Apple to hit $1 trillion valuation


Apple's position as first $1 trillion valuation is no longer guaranteed.
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As the first company in history to pass the $700, $800, and $900 billion marks, Apple has long looked set to become the world’s first ever $1 trillion company. But Amazon is rapidly closing in on it.

This week, Amazon’s stock market value reached $900 billion for the first time. That puts it within spitting distance of the Cupertino tech giant’s current $935 billion. In 2018, Apple’s shares have risen 12 percent, while Amazon’s have shot up dramatically to the tune of 57 percent.