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Apple employees tell fascinating stories about 1 Infinite Loop


Infinite Loop
A new oral history of Infinite Loop is a treasure trove for Apple fans.
Photo: Ryan B/Flickr CC

One of Apple’s pre-eminent historians, tech journalist Steven Levy, dropped an Apple history treasure trove over the weekend.

Published by Wired, the oral history of Apple’s Infinite Loop campus features contributions from a whole lot of Apple employees, both past and present. Want to hear Eddy Cue talk Steve Jobs’ pizza preferences? Or how Tim Cook crossed the picket line on Day One of his job at Apple? Here are some of my favorite highlights:

‘No foul play’ involved in employee death at Apple HQ


Apple HQ
Our condolences to everyone affected by this tragic story.
Photo: Ryan B/Flickr

Investigators have deemed yesterday’s shock death of an employee at Apple’s 1 Infinite Loop headquarters to be not suspicious, suggesting that it was the result of a suicide.

“After further investigation it appeared there was no foul play and no other individuals were involved,” Santa Clara County sheriff’s Sgt. Andrea Urena told the Los Angeles Times. “This appeared to be an isolated incident and no employees or members of the public are at risk.”

Aerial photos show Apple’s spaceship campus taking shape


Picture: Ron Cervi

It’s unheard of that you get to watch an Apple product being developed before your very eyes, but that’s exactly what’s happening with Apple’s new mothership headquarters — which we once referred to as the biggest Apple product ever built.

Despite not touching down officially until 2016, we’ve seen a steady stream of new images of Apple’s new campus during construction, many courtesy of the aerial photography of Bay Area traffic reporter Ron Cervi.

In new images posted to his Twitter account, Cervi shows how the HQ is slowly taking shape, with concrete and rebar work continuing, alongside the digging of tunnels, ready for the foundation and retaining walls of the new structure.

Can You Spot The Hidden Apple HQ In HBO’s Silicon Valley?



HBO’s new comedy Silicon Valley has been the toast of TV the past two weeks with its irreverent satirization of life inside the exorbitant tech startup scene.

Not everyone in the valley is a fan of the show with its Square-toting strippers, amped-up nerd stereotypes and creepy angel investors, but we’ve been mesmerized each week with the main title sequence, which showcases the rise and fall of some Silicon Valley’s most heralded companies.

Apple’s headquarters actually pops up twice — but don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Watch the full sequence below and see if you can spot it:

You Must Check Out This Incredibly Detailed Minecraft Recreation Of Apple HQ


1 Infinite Loop in Minecraft. Wow.
1 Infinite Loop in Minecraft. Wow.

This is fantastic. The block-based building game Minecraft has been used to recreate pretty much everything under the sun, from the U.S.S. Enterprise to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water, but for the Apple fan, this is the best one yet: a complete recreation of Apple’s Infinite Loop campus put together by Reddit user Sam Schwab for his Discrete Mathematics class.