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This Is What Apple’s iCloud Data Super Center Looks Like From Satellite



While most of the mystery of Apple’s North Carolina data super center comes from the fact that we’re still not really sure what Cupertino will be using it for, let’s not underestimate another contributing factor to the intrigue: the fact that Apple’s Maiden, North Carolina data center appears as a big, gaping hole in the Earth under Google Maps. But no longer!

Apple Scrambles To Ink Deals With Hollywood For iCloud Movie Streaming



When Steve Jobs unveils iCloud at next week’s WWDC, we know that all four major music labels will be onboard Apple’s streaming music service… but what about Hollywood?

Up until now, it looked as if iCloud would launch as a music-only affair without the proper deals inked with video content providers, but in a surprise development, it looks like Cupertino may be scrambling around Tinseltown trying to round up signatures after all.

Join Cult of Mac and Washington Post For Live Q&A About iCloud At 1PM ET



After months of whispers and rumors, Apple’s finally tipped its hand: iCloud is a real product, it’ll debut at next week’s WWDC, and through it, iTunes will be making its long-rumored leap into the cloud. But when all is said and done, what will iCloud actually be, and why should anyone care?

Today at 1PM ET/10AM PT, I’ll be hosting a live Q&A about iCloud and Apple’s cloud ambitions over at The Washington Post. The Q&A will last roughly an hour. I’d love it if some of CoM’s readers came by to ask questions and chat.

To follow the Q&A, all you need to do is click this link, or go to You can ask questions now. Otherwise, you can ask a question via Twitter by either sending a question to @postlive using the hashtag #wpchat.

I hope some of you guys will come by and chat about iCloud with me, lest I have to fill dead air with obscene limericks. See you then!

Update: And that’s all she wrote! Thanks for coming by and asking questions, guys. If you want to see the transcript, you can find it here