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Key Apple Developer Evangelist Leaves To Join The App Makers At Black Pixel


Jurewitz (left) posing with a developer at WWDC
Jurewitz (left) posing with a developer at WWDC

Michael Jurewitz has served as the face of Apple to the third party developer community for the past seven years. Frequently seen at Tech Talks around the world and at WWDC each year meeting with developers, Jurewitz today announced that he has left Apple to become a partner at Black Pixel, the company behind apps like NetNewsWire and Kaleidoscope.

In The Future, iOS Might Display Shadows Based On Actual Light Sources


You can't tell in a still photo, but the reflections on the volume slider button in iOS 6 dynamically update as you move the device.
You can't tell in a still photo, but the reflections on the volume slider button in iOS 6 dynamically update as you move the device.

Since the early days of Apple, an emphasis has been put on realistic user interfaces, starting with the Apple Lisa’s GUI in 1983. This drive for skeuomorphism in design is more present in iOS than ever before. Having a touch screen allows applications to feel more natural, simulating actual real-world buttons and objects. If speculation is to be believed, future versions of iOS may take this trend even farther by placing user interface shadows based on the actual position of the light source in the room.

iOS 6 Beta Hints That Apps Might Be Coming To Apple TV Soon



Hey, lookie hear: in the new iOS 6 Beta, you can rearrange the interface app icons on an Apple TV. A small but nice little customability update, but is there more to this than meets the eye: say, some groundwork being laid for an Apple TV app store coming to iOS 6 later this year? After all, why worry about rearranging apps unless you’re going to suddenly need to manage more than one screen’s worth of them.

Rumor had it that Apple was going to announce an official Apple TV SDK at WWDC 2012, but that didn’t pan out. Could we see a similar announcement at the September event instead?

Via: MagMagazine

Things You May Not Already Know About The New MacBook Pro’s Retina Display


If your Retina MacBook Pro isn't delivering the battery life you expected, try this simple fix.
If you're the lucky owner of a new MacBook Pro, here are some things you should know.

We’ve been drooling over the next-generation MacBook Pro since Apple unveiled it at WWDC earlier this month, and we thought we knew all there was to know about its gorgeous high-resolution Retina display. However, Apple surprised us with a new FAQ page on its website this morning, which reveals a number of things about the notebooks new screen that we hadn’t heard before, which will help you make the most of your new display.

Here are a few of the things that you may be interested in.

Apple Brings The App Store To Another 32 Countries Across Africa, Asia & Europe


The App Store extends its reach across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

With the incredible success of the App Store, sometimes it’s easy to forgot that there are still many, many countries the world over that don’t have access to it yet. That number has been reduced today, however, as Apple brings its mobile marketplace to another 32 countries, bringing the total number of countries with access to the App Store to 155.

Apple Places Easter Egg For LOST Fans In iOS 6 Passbook Developer Video


On the left, a ticket in iOS 6's new app, Passport. On the right, the horrific plane crash from Lost. Both are the same flight.
On the left, a ticket in iOS 6's new app, Passport. On the right, the horrific plane crash from Lost. Both are the same flight.

Watching the new WWDC 2012 developer video “Introducing Passbook, Part 1,” we couldn’t help but notice that about three minutes in, one of the example passes Apple uses to show off Passbook’s functionality is for a ticket on Oceanic Flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles.

If that fictional airline sounds familiar, it should: that’s the same airline and flight as the one which kicks off the events in the hit ABC television series, Lost.

Using that ticket in real life would see you stranded on a mysterious, time-shifting tropical island in the middle of nowhere, where you would have to wrestle with rampaging polar bears, sexy ladies, malevolent insect swarms and an enragingly stupid sixth season that basically boils all of the mysteries down to “a wizard did it.”

Source: (Developer account required)
Thanks: Alex M!

This Dev’s Apple Design Award Was Nearly Mistaken For A Terrorist Device By The TSA



In a post-9/11 environment, the TSA is suspicious of everything. Shoes. Bottles of water. What you look like underneath your clothes. Everything

So when Game Collage developer Juraj Hlaváč flew back from last week’s WWDC and was discovered with a mysterious black box in his backpack that resisted all attempts to be scanned by the airport’s security equipment, and mysteriously glowed to boot, the TSA quickly became suspicious.

Luckily, before it became cavity search suspicious, Hlaváč revealed the true nature of the black box in his bag: an Apple Design Award for his app, Bobo Explores Light.

Apple’s Podcasting Stroke of Genius



Apple’s developer release of iOS 6 created an instant mystery: Podcasts are missing from the iTunes app! Who dunnit?

At least, that’s the false meme that emerged. In fact, references to “Podcasts” are in there. Things have been re-arranged, and podcasts deemphasized. Something is going on.

The rumor and/or speculation is that Apple will spin podcasts out into a separate app (but keep it in the desktop version of iTunes). This prediction is supported both by funny business in the app, and also inside information from unnamed sources “close to the company.”

The prediction that Podcasts will get their own app sounds reasonable. But the interesting part is: Why?

Why would Apple put music, movies and TV shows all together in one app, but create an entirely separate app for podcasts?

Sounds dumb, right?

Actually, if Apple is doing what I think they’re doing, it’s a stroke of genius.

This single change could align Apple’s organization of services on iOS with multiple strategic objectives at once. Here’s what I think Apple intends to accomplish.